Rob Halford Shares Letter From The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame

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Metal fans are no doubt used to the idea that the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame doesn’t hold their brand of music in the highest regard.  Call it a snub or just due process, Judas Priest were once again nominated and not inducted.  Lead singer Rob Halford recently appeared on something called the Mark and NeanderPaul show on 100.7 KSLX in Phoenix where he read the entire letter he received from the Rock Hall regarding their non induction.

The full text of the e-mail reads:

“Thank you for embracing your nomination for induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. While you didn’t garner enough votes for induction this year, you were part of a very select group of Hall Of Fame nominees.

“Artists are frequently on the ballot multiple times before they are inducted. For example, BLACK SABBATH were nominated eight times before their induction, Patti Smith seven times, Solomon Burke nine times, and both the BEASTIE BOYS and THE YARDBIRDS were on the ballot three times before their respective inductions.

“If you are touring or simply traveling nearby, please visit our museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Our six floors of exhibitions tell the remarkable history of rock and roll and how it changed the world. You’re part of that story and we’d love to share it with you.

“Again, congratulations on your nomination.

“My best, Greg Harris, president and CEO of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.”

Please visit our museum?  Even I’m counting that as a cheap shot.  If there is a silver lining it’s this.  While the Hall tends to dangle the carrot in front of Metal and Hard Rock bands longer, they seem to eventually do the right thing.  I’m guessing Priest is in within the next two years.  If you care at all.

Visit the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame where you can see six floors of hard rock and metal ignored!

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