ROBERT PEHRSSON’S HUMBUCKER – Long Way To The Light (Album Review)

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Robert Pehrsson Humbucker Long Way to the LightRobert Pehrsson does not let the grass grow under his feet, that’s for sure. He has worked in 11 bands over 20 years, with Imperial State Electric being the most high profile.

Long Way to The Light is his second solo outing under the Humbucker monicker, this time on High Roller Records.

It is easy to see where the influences come from for this Swedish guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Thin Lizzy-type riffs and harmonies run right through this album but Pehrsson lives his own life and doesn’t merely reproduce Phil Lynott’s greatest hits, he most definitely leaves his own mark. 

It is more difficult to believe that Robert Pehrsson started out playing death/thrash metal before settling on his preferred style of heavy rock.

Long Way To The Light starts off in cracking form with “Send Her My Love”. The opening riff immediately grabs you by the short and curlies and demands your unconditional love. Clean and melodious with a perfectly matched solo is an uplifting start to proceedings.

There’s a harder edge to “Distant Bound” and it definitely has the feel of The Hellacopters, which is understandable as Robert has enjoyed the company of former members Nicke Andersson and Robert Eriksson in the making of Long Way To The Light.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Robert Pehrsson can play his guitar. This talent is showcased superbly on “Traveling Through The Dark”. Just lie back and let it wash over you.

“Break Away From This Broken Heart” returns to the Lizzy-influence. It is a straightforward rock ‘n’ roll song with no frills but that is not to do it down. You’ll find yourself rockin’ in no time at all.

Robert Pehrsson then demonstrates his songwriting individuality with the short and punchy “Pretender”, although it does contain a riff that could have been born out of a union between Thin Lizzy and Queens of the Stone

Long Way To The Light continues with the revealing “Zero Emotion”. This song is a bit of a contradiction as it is sung with plenty of said emotion.

The rocking returns with “The Hollow In A Rising Tone”, of which I couldn’t really understand the sentiment but it contains enough vocal harmony and top notch solo work to render this feeling redundant.

“The Somber Sleeps” is unlike any other song on the album. Yes, it’s got riffs and heartfelt vocals but the feel is different. Keyboards are more prevalent than in previous songs and there’s no solo as such, just great harmonious twin rhythm guitars going at it. Brilliant stuff.

Long Way To The Light finishes in a suitable fashion. Vocal harmony, riffing aplenty and an excellent solo lead up to a finish as abrupt as a car crash – but in a good way.

Overall Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker Long Way To The Light is a superb album with songs that have all you need. They come and they go, don’t outstay their welcome and give you the rock you desire in a perfectly delivered package.



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