Rock Mag ’95 – Ep488


We’re back with another fun read-through of metal on the printed page with Rock Mag ’95! This week we’re thumbing through the May 1995 issue of Metal Edge Magazine. As you probably remember, 1995 was a strange time in the hard rock and metal world and this magazine is proof of that! Grunge was huge by this time but there was a lot going on in the hard rock and metal worlds. This magazine issue is a definite clash of cultures as it covers stories on Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Skid Row, Biohazard, KIX, Megadeth, Queensrych and loads more.

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Rock Mag ’95


Additionally, we take a look at our favorite parts of these magazines with the mailbag section, question of the month, and outdated advertisements. It’s a fun flip-through from a bygone era. What’s even better this time is that you can flip through the magazine with us by going to this link

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