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Ron Keel Band – South X South Dakota


Ron Keel Band

South X South Dakota

Available April 24th

High Volume Music

Like most rock stars, Ron Keel found his calling in South Dakota. And by most I mean I can’t think of another example. But it’s no joke. Since relocating to the state that gave us Mount Rushmore and the Jackalope, Ron has never sounded more at home. A little over a year from the acclaimed Fight Like A Band album, the Ron Keel Band cement their status as southern rock titans with the release of their latest record South X South Dakota. Even if it’s Southern Dakota.

Ron has been embracing his southern rock roots going back a couple of decades to his band Iron Horse. And anyone familiar with his solo record Metal Cowboy and the previously mentioned Fight Like A Band record from the Ron Keel Band, knows Ron isn’t close to slowing down.  And if you’ve ever witnessed a Ron Keel Band live show, I don’t need to tell you how good this band from South Dakota is. Backing Ron is longtime bassist Geno “El Diablo” Arce, Dave “DC” Cothern on guitar, Dakota Scott Schmitt on keyboards and Jeff “The Rev” Koller on drums. This band is the real deal. No studio magic and they are tighter than a parking spot in Chicago.

Cover albums often come off as a little lazy but this band recording southern rock classics is almost too on point to avoid.  Despite his 80’s hair metal background, Ron is more at ease as the Metal Cowboy. From the opening harmonica of the Blackfoot track “Train Train” to the live recording of their CCR medley, South X South Dakota is a showcase of great songs played by a great band. One thing is clear. When you’ve had the career Ron has had, you sort of earn the right to do what you want. It surely sounds like Ron and his band are having fun on this record. In many ways that’s the real sign of success.

Standout tracks are .38 Special’s “Rockin Into The Night”, Rossington Collins’ “Don’t Misunderstand Me” (a duet with Jasmine Cain), Atlanta Rhythm Section’s “Homesick” and the lead single, an amazing rendition of the Lynyrd Skynyrd track “Red, White & Blue”.  It’s badass that they chose a more recent and deeper track with Skynyrd.  In a weird way this record is what we need right now. These songs are like comfort food for your ears.  In an uncertain time it feels important we take a moment to reconnect with things that make us smile. And this record does that.

Track list.

1) Train Train

2) Rockin’ Into The Night

3) Don’t Misunderstand Me
(featuring Jasmine Cain)

4) Red White & Blue

5) Flirtin’ With Disaster

6) Ramblin’ Man

7) Fire On The Mountain

8) Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up
To Be Cowboys

9) Homesick

10)Ghost Riders In The Sky
(produced by Henry Paul)

11) Creedence Medley LIVE

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