ROTH BROCK – Roth Brock Project (Nov 4, 2016)

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roth brockJohn Roth (Winger, Starship, Giant) and Terry Brock (Strangeways, Giant, Leroux) join forces to bring you the Roth Brock Project! John and Terry first met while working on Giant‘s Promise Land record, where they soon developed a unique songwriting chemistry and musical bond. That initial meeting, years later, has led to their debut release for Frontiers. Powerhouse vocals and thundering guitars are at the forefront of this stellar collaboration from two of rock’s most seasoned and underrated veterans. (from Amazon)

“The Roth Brock Project is the kind of record I’ve been wanting to make for a long time!” says John Roth. “Guitar driven high energy ROCK with stellar vocals is the first thing you’ll hear when you put this album on, so get ready to crank it up!” (from Facebook)

Roth Brock Project Track Listing:

  1. Young Gun
  2. What’s It To Ya
  3. Young Again
  4. If That’s What It Takes
  5. I Don’t Know Why
  6. Distant Voices
  7. We Are
  8. Fighter
  9. My City
  10. Never Givin’ Up
  11. Reason To Believe

Terry Brock: Lead and Background Vocals
John Roth: Guitars, Bass, Keys, Lead and Background Vocals
Scott Trammell: Drums, Percussion

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Official Website / Facebook


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