ROYAL REPUBLIC – Club Majesty (Album Review)

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Royal Republic – Club Majesty


Decibel Geek as an online site doesn’t only do classic rock, metal of all sorts, prog and blues but also now disco! Do not switch off, don’t even cower in the corner! Club Majesty is still kind of rock, but very disco.

The band Royal Republic have been around since they met at Malmo Academy Of Music back in 2007. They have recorded three albums previous to this. These may have had that commercial party rock vibe, but this time they have decided to go the whole way and create the dance party album of 2019 for rock fans! It works. Honest! Yes it is silly. The lyrics at times had me laughing. However, the harmony vocals are spot on. The musicianship is tight as Biff Byford’s old spandex trousers (that is very tight indeed) and it made me (and still does, on each hearing) want to dance around the room.

Club Majesty – The Album

Last year, I had the pleasure of reviewing The Night Flight Orchestra. I think I described that as the best album for a party or a barbeque. This, without a doubt, has to be this year’s version. For those who feel can it truly be rock, then I would say that there are several moments of pure Frank Zappa on this album both musically and lyrically. There is a mix of Bee Gees, Electric 6 and The Dead Kennedy’s (REALLY!) in amongst it all as well.

It starts quite rocking guitar-wise, along with a loud and powerful scream before turning into a 80s disco/new wave cross over. The lyrics, as I said before, are bizarre and possibly about male strippers. Well, it is called “Fireman And Dancer” after all.  It is funky and rocky, with plenty of swing and is a bloody hoot to listen to.

Boomerang” is happy disco goth, or something! Lyrically, the songs are quite repetitive as the band use choruses to batter you into submission so you join in. There really is no escape from them.

Like A Lover” is one my favourite songs on the album. It is like an early Whitesnake track going weird and turning into prog due to the mid section. The drumming of Jonas Almen is mesmerizing and is one of the tracks that made me think of Zappa. Another that hints at him is “Fortune Favors,” which has a fabulous opening with the chorus being sung in a deep voice. It sounds like they are having a go at rock or rock and roll, but I think it is basically telling those who cannot handle a band stepping into new territory to “fuck off“. Lyrically, the words warning about the girls on the front row, backstage passes and throwing it in the garbage can could have came straight from “Joe’s Garage“.

Royal Republic – The band (photo courtesy of their FB page)

 “Blunt Force Trauma” is the happiest bad relationship tune (possibly ever). It did remind me of INXS in vibe and sound at points. The album, as I said, is a cross of disco and 80’s new wave with a bit of quirky alternative thrown in for good measure. In fact bassist Per Andreasson goes a bit Les Claypool during “Flower Power Madness.” For those willing to go with the flow and listen, there are lots of clever moments of classic rock and even prog underneath the easy going party music. These guys know their stuff that is for sure.

It rounds off with “Bulldog” which is probably about one of the band’s pet dog!  This is the DK’s influenced track. It is like the rest of the album 100% infectious but more frenetic and has lyrics about having to pick up dog poo! As you do when writing a song about a dog. If you think that strange “Undercover” started life as a piece for a commercial for condoms! I have no reason to disbelieve them about that. I am sure it would have been the best condom commercial song ever.

If you simply want to have fun, dance around or just cheer yourself up on a shit day then stick this on and start dancing and laughing. I have a feeling that the live experience will be particularly joyous so check their website for details of their upcoming shows as well.

For those not afraid to have fun, welcome to “Club Majesty“.

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