SADDISCORE – Demons of the Earth (Album Review)


saddiscore-demons-of-the-earth-coverSADDISCORE formed in August of 2011 in order to create their own mixture of classic heavy metal combined with modern elements. Inspired by classic bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica, as well as modern bands like Machine Head, they forged an enjoyable mix with hard rhythms, catchy melodies, heavy drums and versatile vocals according to their press release.

The same press release also informs that immediately after the band’s foundation, SADDISCORE began to work on a tight live show. In early 2012 they participated in the Emergenza band contest in Cologne and immediately caught the audience’s attention. During this time they released their self-titled demo in cooperation with Rock Tracks. From the middle until the end of 2013 they worked on their EP Roots Of Fear, which was released in March of 2014 and immediately caught the attention of online media. In 2014 SADDISCORE played concerts in and around their home city of Cologne, such as the SPH band contest, the Toxic Blend Festival, and the Tollrock Festival.

In 2015 the band took their time to transfer their experience into clearly developed songwriting for their Demons Of The Earth album. SADDISCORE issued Demons of the Earth on the label Boersma-Records on September 2nd, 2016.

So onto the review, I have never heard of this band so have no idea what to expect. Beginning with “A Storm Is Coming”, my first thoughts are it sounds like a slowed down early Metallica song with that heavy riff just not as brutal. There is some nice vocal work that has touches of James Hetfield on this track but also plenty of unnecessary breakdowns that, in my opinion, don’t add anything to the song.

“Too Far Away” is next and starts off a lot better with a nice heavy riff running through this track. The raspy growls enhance the song followed by the clean vocal work on the chorus, very nice. You can hear the Metallica influence again on this one. “Mirror Face” follows and has a great chugging guitar which then turns into this fast track. The song doesn’t really grab me, it’s ok but not as good as the last. We move onto “Ghost Of Guilt” starting with some nice slow guitar work and some soulful singing. Half way through it builds up again and turns into something else a bit heavier.

“FSK” has a fantastic opening riff sounds (Ozzy-like or should I say Zakk Wylde-like). This is a real catchy track with the great vocal twists also some fantastic sound effects. One of my favorites found here. “Demons Of The Earth” follows the same vein but a lot heavier. Some seriously heavy guitar work matched with the fantastic band sound and great vocals.

“All In Our Hands” has a lovely spooky entrance which turns into another pulsating track that sounds really familiar but I can’t put my finger on the sound. Possibly Forbidden or Laaz Rocket or one of the early Bay Area bands. “Mental Warfare” has a great starting riff again nice vocals throughout. We finish the album with “The Reaper” and the Metallica influence again shines through this heavy track which is OK.

So on the whole, I don’t like to be negative about any metal band but believe me, I have seen hundreds and liked them all apart from Serj Tankian. There are a few songs that are passable but to be totally honest this is not my kind of thing. I think if I wandered into my local pub I might see something like this and think it’s OK. Taste is a personal thing. I know I am a KISS fan who has suffered years of abuse. I wish the band all the best in the future and hope they find their audience, keep rockin’.


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