SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY – A New Sensation (Album Review)

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Satan Takes A Holiday is not a name I knew, but they are a rock band with a great ear for melody.   There is a rampant vibrancy about them and they smoke on their fifth album A New Sensation.  Hallelujah!  The fun in rock has returned.

Playing shows and touring with the likes of Kiss, the Sonics and the Backyard Babies, Satan Takes A Holiday is now making a splash in the rock world, making them one of the increasing number of Swedish bands who are impressing the world.

A   N E W   S E N S A T I O N

According to the band’s promo, A New Sensationdeals primarily with the shock of the new.  Old and new power structures, old and new angers, old and new fears, old and new men – all being challenged, questioned and made fun of.

This an album that comes out of the gate firing on all rock cylinders.  They screech off the starting line with a huge cloud of dust covering their tracks with the brilliant pop rock of the title tune.  It has a feel of prime Hardcore Superstar with a lick or two from prime Grunge bands.  The guitars fuzz, the drums beat and the synths fill in the sound.

Take this to the bank, this band are going to light up the summer skies with the high tempo fun.  The likes of “Sessions and Cash” have a brightness that makes you realise that their name should be seen as a cheeky joke.  The melodies are gorgeous as well, swelling the size of your smile by a mile or two.  In fact, their sound also has similarities with that of Muse – they are that good.

There are many musical bright spots this year and finding this cracker of an album  is one of them.  Check them out and tell the world that Satan has taken a rather nice holiday!


1. A New Sensation 2. Unicorn 3. Set Me On Fire 4. Hell Is Here feat Tess De La Cour 5. Sessions And Cash 6. Pilot 7. Girls 8. I Believe What I See (If I See In My Feed) 9. Kingslayer 10. Blow





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