SEVENDUST – All I See Is War (Album Review)

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Atlanta, Georgia’s own Sevendust are a band that I think are criminally underrated. For a band that are 12 (yes I said 12) albums into their career and not only that but they are 12 immensely good albums with well-written songs and great musicianship they always seem to miss the boat when it comes to hitting the next tier which would push them to the top of the pile.

They are practically unknown in most parts of the world where I have seen them play to small crowds in both Australia and the U.K. but that doesn’t detract from their body of work. This is a band that should be resting on their laurels and enjoying the fruits of their labor but instead, they still fight and claw their way through the metal elite and it has definitely shown up to now.

So here we are at album number 12, All I See Is War and I’m pumped up and ready for the experience, so join me on the journey.

The first track, “Dirty” fades in and we’re off. This a good stomping heavy riff and the vocals from Lajon Witherspoon are as good as ever. A good strong chorus with some demolishing double kick and a gripping solo, we’re off to a good start. “God Bites His Tongue” starts off with an almost dubstep sound but quickly evolves into a good start-stop riff that punches throughout. The chorus is powerful and sounds a bit off tune which is a nice addition. From the off “Medication” is heavy. Even with its heaviness though it’s still very melodic especially the chorus and the vocals are spot on.

The orchestral start to “Unforgiven” is a bit of a smoke screen before the song starts proper and rips your face off with a ferocious riff and an anthemic chorus. “Sickness” starts off gently with some beautifully sung opening lines in a hushed tone and really lifts once the chorus comes forward and brings the song to life. There’s a wicked riff as “Cheers” begins, it almost sounds machine-like and reminds me of Fear Factory until the vocals begin. This one sounds like a bit of a chop job, like two songs have been spliced together; great song though.

Holy crap, those double kicks and that staccato riff gives you a shot in the arm and energizes you. Such a simple riff but what a great start to the track “Risen”. The chorus again is interstellar and launches the track, not that it needed it. There will definitely be some heads banging on this one. A piano start gives “Moments” something different and it soon launches into a crunching riff but thankfully the piano continues throughout, even in the heavier moments. I love the chorus on this one it just lifts you up.


“Not Original” is another orchestral start but evolves into something different. There’s an almost U2-like guitar picking away at the start and the chorus is definitely meant for radio. The spooky tones of a guitar begin “Descend” and then blast into overdrive before coming back to where it started. There’s a good pace to this track and I love the riff that plays along in the chorus. “Life Deceives You” starts off sounding like a dance track and ends up sounding like a modern rock track on par with a Bullet For My Valentine.

Finally, we come to “The Truth” and there’s no messing about on the finale of this album. This is all out total destruction. It’s hard, it’s heavy but most of all it’s very melodic.


Final thoughts on All I See Is War

As expected, what an amazingly great album from the Sevendust boys. This album is full of heavy crunching riffs and lightly feathered licks. It has some of the best melodic choruses you’ll hear this year, which I am really not surprised at all about. Lajon Witherspoon‘s vocals are as resplendent as ever, he just gets better with age. This is just a good solid rock album that is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack and to top it off I thought the last 11 albums were great but this is definitely their best so far which isn’t bad considering they’ve been treading the boards since 1994.

All I See Is War is out now on Rise Records.

Decibel rating 10/10






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