SHAKRA – Bern Switzerland 2017 (Photo Gallery)

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ShakraOn March 3, 2017, Decibel Geek‘s Shawn “Animalize” Irwin was on hand in Bern, Switzerland for these captures of Swiss heroes Shakra. As a part of the Monsters of Rock Switzerland bill that included Krokus and Gotthard, Shakra blew the crowd away. Two shows took place with this event. The first in Bern and the second in Zurich the next night.

It is said that during the first rehearsals even the cows on the Swiss mountains were shaken so much that they gave butter instead of milk!

High Noon Album Review

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The band began in the late 90s with the self-titled debut in 1997. From there the band has issued nine studio outputs ahead of High Noon. While the band of Thom Blunier and Thomas Muster (guitar), Dominik Pfister (bass), and Roger Tanner (drums) has remained constant, the vocalists have not. The first three releases saw Pete Wiedmer center stage until ill-health dictated otherwise. Replaced by Mark Fox, Shakra enjoyed their highest successes yet. But in 2009 John Prakesh took over vocal duties. 2015 saw the return of Mark Fox to Shakra in a celebrated event by the fans. The High Noon release came out in 2016 and reached my top ten of the year.

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