SHOCK – An Interview with Bassist Steve Monette

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shock band cover photoSupporting a band means exactly that to me. You love the CD’s and play them often. You have purchased the CD and/or merchandise. And more than that you purchase concert tickets and go to great lengths to see and hear that band play live. Especially if you’re a live music fan like myself and everyone here at Decibel Geek.

When I was first introduced to SHOCK from Ottawa Canada by a friend from a competing website I was quickly taken! I reviewed their Once Denied album for all three websites that I was currently involved with at the time: here’s the Decibel Geek version – SHOCK-ing The Meister

SHOCK-ThanksgivingIt was a year ago to the day basically that I first saw SHOCK in concert. It took me a five-hour bus ride one way to do so and they were just the opening band for Blaze Bayley. (A SHOCK-ing Thanksgiving) I was happy to make the journey (red-eye on the way home and straight to work the next morning). The band was “SHOCKed”, they were so appreciative of my trek to see them. While I would have done it anyway and will certainly again, it adds that much more to it when the band not only acknowledges your effort but is set aside by it. SHOCK turned out to be great guys personally and I had a fantastic time during my Ottawa adventure. So much so that a couple months later I was at it again making the very same journey (you’d think I’d learn to take the next day off from work, though, but I didn’t) once again as they set the stage, this time for Annihilator.

I had the opportunity to chat with bass player extraordinaire Steve Monette about SHOCK‘s history, present times, their debut album (issued almost 30 years after they started out) and the upcoming sophomore effort due to drop early 2016. Check out our chat here via this video:


BUY: SHOCK – Once Denied

SHOCK Website / SHOCK Facebook


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