LÖVE RAZËR at Eastsides (Concert Review)

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img_20160930_231803It is 7am Saturday morning.  I rarely write about a show this quickly, but I make an exception for the one that Löve Razër put on. Their show, having concluded a mere five hours ago, is still fresh in my memory. I usually allow a show to percolate for a few days, jotting things here and there, before I review it. However, this was too good to let it settle.

Thankfully, my wife and I made it out, as the stars were aligning in such a way that it seemed unlikely we would attend, even though we had this date on our calendar for a month and had much anticipation for the band’s first ever London show.

Our son was in the hospital the night before, but was much better on Friday.  The dad side of me did not want to go out to a rock show, yet the boy encouraged us to go and rock out, as did our elder daughter, who would be watching over him. God, we are blessed with great children – thanks to you both.  I was rundown from a crazy week, my wife not feeling so well either. The weather was as it could be on the last day of September, rainy and windy. Still, 9:30 hit and Tanya said let’s go. God, I am blessed with a wicked crazy great wife who drags my arse out to rock.

The Meister was actually in L.A. at the time, rockin’ the Sunset Strip, yet I found that scene in a great rock club in London, ON,  thanks to Löve Razër.

This young and fresh band from Windsor, ON has all the DNA of mid 80’s Sunset Strip hard rock.  During a pre-show conversation with bassist Metal Mike, he confirmed that the band “want to bring the fun of the Sunset Strip back”. Well, they are succeeding. The house at Eastside’s had a good crowd, many of which enjoyed the show standing up front. The band’s debut video for “First Class Bitch” has been received well on Youtube, with over 10,000 views; pretty darn good for a style of music that has to scratch and claw for any type of recognition.

As for the show, the band came out blazing, starting with their own “Turn It Up” and it was non-stop from there on in, with about a dozen originals and some Crue, Quite Riot, Skid Row and G n’ R covers. They even threw in a Seger tune! While I knew of, and had been playing, their three songs from their initial release, I was excited to hear how many more originals they have and would play. One of these was “Lifeline” and this was a rocking tune.  Rounding out the second set and concluding the night was “First Class Bitch” followed by “All Time Sleaze”, both of which sounded great. This was a testament to how good the CD is and it was great hearing them live.

As for the band, Metal Mike plays a front forward sounding bass, always something I appreciate. He and Micky Bonez on guitar regularly switch left/right stage sides. There are no trees onstage with Löve Razër! Said guitarist Micky is a “savage”, as described by singer Sydney Snow (an apt description). This kid rips on guitar and has full on energy with much head banging and swinging. He channels his inner Slash, quite amazingly! The swagger of the Micky onstage is equally matched with Sydney, designed and executed perfectly as a front man who is constantly jumping up and down from the drum riser and all over the stage. I was impressed when he quickly noticed the mic for Micky’s guitar had fallen over in front of the Marshall stack and he was instantly over to it, rearranging while still singing. Impressive and a veteran!

Now we get to Crissy on drums. About three songs in and my head was spinning from the amazing double bass kicking, with only one bass drum in the kit. I have seen and heard this attempted before, but not as well as Crissy does it. I mentioned to him after the show that he reminded me of Eric Carr in the way img_20161001_011056he pounds the skins so hard, that double bass sound and the smile. To which he replied “the Fox”.  Impressive, he knew exactly who I was talking about!

Can you tell I am sold on this band? Do you like high energy hard rock n’ roll music, combined with fun and never taking the lyrics seriously, rather aiming for smiles and a great time? Do you like a band that has a larger than life personas? Do you like ripping riffs and sing along all night choruses? This is that band. Are their inventing anything new? No, and they do not need to, as they are refreshing. Who is inventive in 2016? Coldplay?  Give me a break! Even they are sounding disco on their latest album. Make it raw punk music for me or polished hard and sleazy rock n’ roll!



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