LOVE RAZER – Seacliffe Park Amphitheatre/Hogs for Hospice. (Concert Review)


Love Razer

Records/CDs/Digital are not what they use to be regarding sales volume. Yes, Captain Obvious! A band has to make it via their live show and merch sales. That sounds familiar and harkens back to a certain band from the 1970s that released 3 albums producing dismal sales before their Alive album catapulted them into a 40+ year career. How does that relate to Löve Razër? I love their first EP and studio sound and of course, I bought it and bought into their sound and image. Having seen them in rock clubs in London and Toronto both my wife and I think these four guys have what it takes to graduate to a much bigger stage. So this past Friday night with high anticipation we waited to see just how these young hard rock sleaze rockers would handle the arena size stage that is the newly built Seacliffe Park Amphitheatre. I would like to say what a beautiful venue, similar to DTE/Pine Knob in Detroit area as well as the Molson Amphitheatre/Budweiser Stage in Toronto. It would also be nice to witness what a couple thousand people would think of the band, as we spent quite a few moments during the show looking back from our front and centre position to admire the smiles and rockin’ going on by the patrons.

From the moment they hit the stage cranking out “Turn It Up”, they were on fire. It certainly seemed they were ready, willing and capable of taking no prisoners. Metal Mike held the stage right cranking out hard and heavy bass that was high in the mix, thank you! Mickey Bonez on lead guitar is killer as always and played furiously amazing licks/riffs and leads all over the stage, extremely high energy. Sydney Snow commanded the front man role from centre, left, right and on top of monitor cabinets at both stage corners. His vocals are second to none belting out extended high notes throughout the set. Loved the Canadian flag on the mic stand portion, wonderful! Crissy Stixx pounds his drum kit like Kong pounded that scary beast in the most recent release of that franchise, all the while smiling to bash those skins. His relentless approach to a double bass kick sound, without an actual double bass kit, amazes my ears.

Finishing up with “First Class Bitch” for a loudly chanted encore Löve Razër has graduated in our opinion to the stage they deserve to belong on; a full size one!

Love RazerI write this two days after the show and it has been a long time since a show has been rolling around in my head 48 hours later. Especially since this has been the extended long weekend of live music which placed the Löve Razër show in between shows from Kardinal Offishal (yes I love dancehall too!), Kim Mitchell on the Thursday night, to a 63 Monroe classic punk show Saturday night. Tonight we have two more punk band shows lined up finishing with a Tom Petty show. Easily this has been a most wonderful four days of live music. I should mention that after Löve Razër played, Hairball took the stage and their show and sound were stunning. So glad to have witnessed their first Canadian date, alas the impression made by Löve Razër on that stage, outdoors and to thousands will stick with us. These guys have graduated to the next level and are the new wave of hard rock in the hands of what we believe to be very faithful and deserving leaders. Go forth and conquer Löve Razër with your young brash energy, amazing sound and veteran stage presence! If you like hard rock sleaze style with full on energy and awesome monstrous rock star attitude on stage, this is the band that should be top of your listening and viewing pleasure!

  • Blair De Abreu

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