Date: Jan. 28 -2017

Soho, London, ON

Ever return from a vacation needing a pick me up? Punk music will always pick me up. After a wonderful week in paradise and very little rock n’ roll music, we were in dire need of something harder. Make no mistake, I love Latin sounds; a whole lotta Bachata, Salsa and Meringue please me plenty (as I do have Caribbean blood in me), but something harder was called for.

We had initially thought this show was scheduled for the day after our week away, but thankfully it was the following Saturday. So here we went, back to a friendly neighborhood tavern that since our last visit had closed and changed ownership to re-open.  On this night, it would be open to showcase three solid local punk bands.

I have previously reviewed and placed the TVD disc in my top 10 of 2016, so I was excited to hear and see them live.

As stated in previous articles on 63 Monroe,  Peter Dekoker is a veteran of the music scene yet seems still very young at heart (aren’t those of us still hitting up local music forever young?).  Teamed up with him in TVD is Michael Timmins, sharing vocals and playing lead guitar with Paul Venno on drums. This trio is made to play music together. They played a tight yet fun set and had great presence on a very tiny stage. The mannerisms of a band are important to me and something I pay close attention to. TVD are filled with an energy and enthusiasm for their music, and for those of us appreciating it. That comes across clearly to me, and I love it! They played most of their tunes from the debut CD Salvation Through Distraction, including my favourite “Thoughts”.

A welcome surprise was a new tune that I believe is called “I Do I Do I Do”, which they introduced as Pete’s ballad. I am eagerly anticipating the recording of this amazing anthem of a song!  Great fun live punk rock music!

Review: Salvation Through Distraction

TVD Facebook

Also on the bill were The Bath Salts, whom we had seen before and were looking forward to seeing again. This was a ferocious set of mostly up tempo songs, save for the few rockabilly bluesy style songs. I love Jeff’s singing style and he is killer on guitar. Sure was glad they had discs for sale this time and I am here to say the recorded songs sound great too. Tunes such as “Charade” and “Cool Like The Music” are killer tracks for these ears!

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Starbucket completed the night and, while our energy was wearing thin about half way through their set, it was no fault of their’s. Having seen them a couple times before, they are tight as ever onstage and I loved the back and forth vocals from both guitar players. It was heavy on the rockabilly side, which I like, and I always appreciate their band branding matching shirts and style.

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At this point I have to disagree with you Arnie; I do not need a vacation. Home is where the heart of rock n’ roll is at, wherever your home may be!

Blair De Abreu



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