Sirenia The Seventh Life Path – By Shawn “Animalize” Irwin

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                                                                                            The Seventh Life Path – Release May 8th 2015

Sirenia album cover

The wait is over for Sirenia‘s 7th full CD release again showing the talent of Ailyn. Her incredible classical training has made her a delight to listen to anything she touches. Starting out back in 2001 Norwegian mastermind Morten Veland (Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Piano, Synth, Programming and Mandolin) departed from Tristania and created Sirenia. After going through 3 female singers, Veland found Spanish singer, songwriter Ailyn Gimenez. We also have Johnathan Perez on live drums and Jan Erik Soltvedt on live guitars for their new release. After taking a break from Napalm Records on their last 4 releases Sirenia came back for Seventh Life Path. You can purchase special editions of this new release on the Napalm Records website.


Starting off is a powerful intro without words, “Seti”! Listening to this instrumental, feeling the passion and knowing that if the rest of this album follows suit we will be in for a treat. Next up is “Serpent”. Ailyn’s voice is just breath taking and the rougher growl of creator Morten’s vocals fits just perfectly and not overbearing. The first single of the release is

The first single of the release is “Once My Light”. After having taken in this wonderful video before getting the new CD, I knew I must have this CD. As a newer fan of symphonic metal, I was waiting for the first single to be released, and it was not a disappointment.

“Elixir” is next with a lot of Morten singing with guest singer Joakim Naess on clean vocals. Ailyn is definitely doing her part as well in this well-written music experience.

“Sons Of the North” starts out with some great bass work and something I feel that would be great on the Vikings TV series. A highlight for me as this duet just shines and the music talent of this band puts it all together with so much passion and feeling.

“Earendel” is another track with more of Morten’s rough growl. This fits perfectly with Ailyn breaking it up with her beautiful voice and the collaboration music styles. It shows how different this style of music is when it comes to song writing and the talent that’s involved.

“Concealed Disdain” keeps this album flowing with another powerful track of this wonderful connection between Morten and Ailyn. Her Operatic vocals just reach a high that very few can match.

“Insania” starts out fast with Morten taking the vocal first which leads into Ailyn keeping this duet tight. Adding The Sirenian Choir to this track has made it a classic mixture of what this style of music is all about. This would make a great live song with an orchestra and choir behind this wonderful group of singers and Perez on drums and Soltvedt on guitar.

“Contemptuous Quietus” has Ailyn even softer on the vocals, but the music behind her keeps this powerful with a little of Morten and the Choir helping her along. The musicality just takes this style to new levels.

“The Silver Eye” is a heavier track for the most part, but as always there are so many changes in a Sirenia song that keep this track interesting.

“Tragenienne” is the last regular track. A slow song showcasing the talent of this beautiful voice. Ailyn catches every breath taking note that shows it is time this band takes on the world — which means it is time for USA and Canada to catch on where the rest of the world already has!!

As this musical journey comes to an end we have the bonus track “Tragica” (“Tragedienne” Spanish Version). The same as the last song but Ailyn does it in her native tongue, singing in Spanish. What can I say, but just perfect!

I am a fan of many styles of heavy metal and hard rock and Kiss will always be #1 in my heart. This style just caught my attention a couple of years ago. Finding bands like Epica, Xandria, Delain, Within Temptation and of course, Nightwish. I know there are many more but Sirenia for me has taken the spotlight in this style and I give this a perfect rating. For those that have not given this style a chance, open your minds and hearts, listening to the music, lyrics and I think you will like it or at least respect what these band has to offer.

Shawn “Animalize” Irwin

BUY: Sirenia – The Seventh Life Path

Sirenia Website / Sirenia Facebook / Sirenia Twitter



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