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Miguel Nunez I accept your challenge and will connect Lana Del Rey to KISS in six steps or less.

Lana Del Rey is a self-described “antifeminist” who in 2012 was spotted leaving a Los Angeles hotel with Axl Rose, who is 24 years her senior.

So how am I going to connect this apparent Guns N’ Roses groupie to KISS in six steps or less? Like this:

1. Lana’s 2010 debut was produced by David Kahne (who produced a lot of cool stuff in the eighties like The Bangles’ first album, Pearl Harbor & The Explosions, Translator, Red Rockers, etcetera and he even worked on Love/Hate’s awesome Blackout In The Red Room).

2. David Kahne also produced a 1988 album by Fishbone called Truth and Soul.

3. Truth and Soul opens with a cover of the song “Freddie’s Dead,” the theme song from the 1972 Blaxploitation film Super Fly. “Freddie’s Dead” was a top ten hit for its composer Curtis Mayfield in 1973.

4. Curtis Mayfield’s 1983 album Honesty was released by Boardwalk Records.

5. Boardwalk Records was founded by Neil Bogart in 1980.

6. Neil Bogart had previously owned Casablanca Records, the record label that first signed KISS, and Neil Bogart produced KISS’ third album Dressed To Kill in 1975.

And there you have it:

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