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Joey Vanchieri I accept your challenge and will connect Type O Negative to KISS in six steps or less.
Type O Negative was some kind of a band from Brooklyn, I mean, what would you call it? Gothic metal? Whatever that means. Some version of industrial? Who knows. I always thought “Black No. 1” resembled the Misfits, at least in a melodic sense. But how am I going to connect The Drab Four to KISS? Like this:

1. Type O Negative’s 1996 album October Rust includes a cover of Neil Young’s 1970 single “Cinnamon Girl.”

2. Neil Young’s song “Barstool Blues” from his awesome 1975 album Zuma was covered by the band Soul Asylum for a 1989 Neil Young tribute album called The Bridge.

3. The UK version of Soul Asylum’s 1989 EP Clam Dip & Other Delights includes an intentionally sloppy and contemptuous performance of Foreigner’s classic rock radio staple “Jukebox Hero.” The song was co-written by Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones and singer Lou Gramm.

4. Before joining Foreigner Lou Gramm was in a band called Black Sheep and they released two albums with Capitol Records, both in 1975. The band even opened for KISS on Christmas Eve of 1975 but a van accident after the show prevented them from continuing with the tour.

5. The bassist in Black Sheep was a guy named Bruce Turgon who would work with Lou Gramm again during his post-Foreigner career, including as a member of the band Shadow King, and Bruce also joined Foreigner with Lou when Gramm rejoined the band in 1992.

6. Bruce Turgon co-wrote the song “My Way” with Paul Stanley and the song appears on the 1987 KISS album Crazy Nights.

And there you have it:

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