Six Songs Luc Carl Thinks You Should Hear – Ep271

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Sirius/XM deejay Luc Carl joins Chris & Aaron this week for Six Songs Luc Carl Thinks You Should Hear. In this long-form episode, Luc and the guys discuss a variety of subjects including record store release days, why it’s a bad idea to wear a Metallica shirt in front of Dave Mustaine, and the best motorcycle route in Tennessee among much more.

Six Songs Luc Carl Thinks You Should Hear

Luc Carl


On top of all that, Luc‘s got Six Songs that he thinks you, the listener, should hear. Great tunes from the likes of AC/DC, Faster Pussycat, Motorhead, Rhino Bucket, White Zombie, and Van Halen are included. We hope you enjoy Six Songs Luc Carl Thinks You Should Hear and SHARE with a friend!

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White Zombie

Van Halen

Faster Pussycat


Rhino Bucket


iTunes Review:

5 thumbs up

★★★★★  in iTunes by Andy G from Toronto from Canada on January 17, 2017

I love you guys. Recently you turned me on to so many things, Detective, Ace Frehley solo stuff, too many to mention. I write the names down in the middle of the night. I have been drumming since 8th grade , or grade 8 as we say in Canada. I am a VP stuffy banker now but fortunate enough to still drum with my band The Big Wigs at charity events in the big T.O. We cover Cheap Trick, ACDC , Bowie etc . mostly 70s. I am am a little older than you guys so I remember seeing the made for TV KISS movie, premier on my parents fat box TV. I am sure that your Canadian friends have told you about GODDO> If you like Pat Traverse etc. Check out Goddo on youtube>

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