Slash Puppet Vocalist Mif Returns


Slash PuppetI remember way back when I was younger and music chanels on television MTV/MuchMusic) used to play videos. For me I was especially fond of MuchMusic‘s Power Hour and in later years Power 30, in part due to the massive crush on host Teresa Roncon. Power 30 was as the name suggests half as long as the original show, but it was shown daily as opposed to two days a week. I rushed home each day winter or summer after school to tune in. Roncon always spun some well known big bands of the rock and metal genres, but also many bands that were unfamiliar. This is how I found new music back then.

Mif My Insane FriendsOne band on this road of discovery was a Toronto band called Slash Puppet. At one time this band had been touted as one of the great unsigned acts…or something to that effect. After hearing and seeing the song/video for“When the Whip Comes Down” I was excited to get their self-titled cassette weeks later during a foray from our little northern town to the big city of Toronto. I damn near wore that cassette clean through that year in the car stereo in my beater jalopy.

Not alot was heard from Slash Puppet after that and they quietly faded away into oblivion.

My Insane FriendsWell now after years of silence Slash Puppet vocalist Anthony J. Mifsud (Mif) is returning to the musical landscape with a new project. Here’s the official press release.

PRESS RELEASE: Now, after years of exile from the heavy metal musical landscape, internationally renowned and award winning Canadian hard rock vocalist Mif (former front man of celebrated Canadian band Slash Puppet) returns with a vengeance on this new project…My Insane Friends. (sounds like me talking about the Decibel Geek staff…lol)

In speaking with The Meister Mif reports “the songs are a little darker and harder than Slash Puppet”. Here’s a below video to check out:

My Insane Friends Facebook


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