SLAYER – Birmingham Arena, UK (Concert Review)

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Slayer – Birmingham

To say I was excited about this gig is a vast understatement, having seen Slayer and Anthrax multiple times previously. Going back 30 years for both bands and never being disappointed, I expected a lot from tonight.  After all, we were saying goodbye to one of the most iconic metal bands ever.


Obituary, the Florida death metal veterans, play a deep, dark and growling set to get everyone in this packed arena warmed up.  The set list included “Redneck Stomp Sentence Day“, “A Lesson in Vengeance” and “Slowly We Rot“.  This was a fantastic way to strart this evening of brutality.

Anthrax – Mosh!!


Next up, Anthrax and again I was so excited to see them.  They didn’t disappoint, bringing out all the classics and Joe belladonna loving the run of the stage and the feedback he was getting from the crowd classics.  They galloped through “Caught In A Mosh”, “Got The Time” and “I Am The Law“.   They followed up with punchy “Be All End All“.  “Evil Twin” was played off the new album then onto my favourite “Anti Social”, which really gets everyone shouting along.  They finished in the pit with “Indians“.  Fabulous set – ’nuff said!


Lamb Of God were up next.  To be honest, I am not a huge fan, having seen them a few times before.  The light show was great and the crowd loved them, but I just can’t seem to find the same enthusiasm and was just waiting for them to end.

Slayer – Goodbye


On came the mighty Slayer, opening with “Repentless” to an amazing set with fantastic lighting and lots of flames burning onto the Slayer logo on the side of the stage. Flames were also flying around from various places. The scene is set, the scene is menacing and Slayer are taking no prisoners.

We swiftly move onto “Blood Red“, “Disciple” and “Mandatory Suicide“.  The crowd responds brilliantly to Slayer and it is a fitting way to bid farewell to Birmingham.  The whole arena wants them to remember the night for a long time.

There are plenty of fan favourites on display tonight.  The set continues with “Post-Mortem“, “Seasons In The Abyss“, “Dead Skin Mask” and “Hell Awaits“. The set backdrop continually changes and the flames continue to set a pit of fire for the kings of thrash metal.

The encores are magical and leave us all with a great taste of Slayer in our mouths.  “South Of Heaven“, “Raining Blood“, “Chemical Warfare” all played with menace.  The band finishes with “Angel Of Death“, a song we all know and love.  You can tell that Tom Araya is especially relishing the night and wanting to take in all the magical moments of this tour that they are finishing with.

This was a fantastic and brutal set by Slayer, proving they can still hold their own and are definitely finishing on top. Nobody can touch them at this.  Thank you for the memories, Slayer!

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