Slik Toxik – Irrelevant Re-Release (November 20, 2015)

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Slik ToxikIrrelevant is the third release and second full-length album by Canadian Hard Rock band Slik Toxik. The album was originally released in 1994 during a turbulent time for Hard Rock. This was a time when the airwaves and magazines were being bombarded with the advent of Alternative, Grunge and pop groups. After the release of their debut CD Doin’ the Nasty selling well over 50,000 units in Canada (Gold Status) and receiving the Juno Award (Canadian Grammy) for Hard Rock album of the year, the climate in the music industry started to change. ‘It was a crazy time for us, as we like so many other rockers were in a state flux’ recalls lead vocalist Nicholas Walsh, ‘we were in a darker place’. Met with critical acclaim, this eclectic collection of songs has been touted by some critics as being ‘ahead of its time’ with hard hitting de-tuned riffs, snarly vocals and bombastic drumming. The band went on to only having a Canadian release with this recording and touring across Canada multiple times before calling it quits and going their separate ways in 1995. “Dive” and “Twenty Something” were released as singles and videos. The album was recorded in Toronto at Phase One Studios again with producer Paul Gross at the helm.

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