SNEW – You’ve Got Some Nerve (Album Review)

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SNEW - You've Got Some Nerve - Band PhotoIt’s not SNEW, s’old to me! Somehow, somewhere I came across the band SNEW and their 2008 CD SNEW You. I also crossed paths with the 2014 single “Thunderdog” or maybe that’s where it all started? No idea, but a great track in any case! Then while attending a pool party ahead of the Monsters of Rock Cruise in sunny Miami, SNEW CD’s were among the prize packs distributed to partygoers. Most folks were going “Who are these guys?” or “Never heard of them” and things along those lines. Not me, I was in the know, at least more than many. I tightly clutched SNEW‘s 2010 CD We Do What We Want and their 2012 issued What’s It To Ya until I could get them home for a listen. So when I discovered SNEWYou’ve Got Some Nerve in my promo download pool and a request from the PR man for a review, I was on board.

Now, in preparation for this little article, I delved into some SNEW research. The band is based in Los Angeles, California and formed in 2005. The makeup runs: Andy Lux (guitar), Curtis Don Vito (vocals), Mark Ohrenberger (drummer) and Lenny Spickle (rhythm guitar). Being influenced by bands like AC/DC, Motorhead, The Stooges, MC5, Ramones, GNR, The Cult and KISS you have an idea what to expect from SNEW.

SNEW – You’ve Got Some Nerve (Album Review)

SNEW is about straightforward, highly energetic, punch you in the bag rock and roll. There are no wheels being re-invented, but that’s OK by me! Fist pumping, toe-tapping full force rock is a preferred flavor. They really drive that home here with their fourth album release You’ve Got Some Nerve. Strangely a six-year span of emptiness since the third offering of What’s It To Ya in 2012.

SNEW - You've Got Some NerveThe tone is established immediately in what is probably the best cut for me in the collection. Also, the lead single from the September issued album, “UR Freaking Me Out” gets us going. Apparently, the six-year gap of album silence has only served to heighten the SNEW game. The rip-roaring hard-driving SNEW sound shines through here, leaving no disappointments. They’ve also added another layer of texture to the track in the addition of the horns (trumpet & saxophone) parts. Through all the sleazy swagger the song lyrically concerns the times and over sensitivities of today’s society.

The eight following SNEW compositions uphold everything found here in the forerunner and the entire collection whips by far too quickly. A great album for those “push yourself” gym workouts or even brisk walks around the block.

SNEW – You’ve Got Some Nerve (Final Thoughts)

While SNEW is all about and deliver in spades fist-pumping hard rock, the band suffers in two areas. Coupled with the (in opinion) terrible band moniker, the cover art of You’ve Got Some Nerve does absolutely nothing to inspire someone unfamiliar to check it out. Ignore those points and go buy this raucous ripper. There’s a link below to do so.

I recall now that SNEW was set to appear during one of my Rocklahoma forays, but for some reason did not make it. They sure are a band I’d love to be rocking out in the audience with during a live set! I’ll keep a watch out for that opportunity. They also recently appeared in the UK at Hard Rock Hell with the likes of Saxon, Michael Schenker Fest, and Dead Daisies. So, SNEW You man!

BUY: You’ve Got Some Nerve



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