SONIC PROPHECY – Savage Gods (January 19, 2018)

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Sonic Prophecy takes influences from the great old gods of the Pantheon of Heavy Metal! Their aim…to join their inspirations on those giddy Olympian Heights and bring the glory of heavy metal down to earth! Sonic Prophecy describes their music as, “thematic power-infused heavy metal.”
Formed in 2008, and inspired by the likes of Dio, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Black Sabbath, Iced Earth, Sonic Prophecy has released two fine, well-received albums, A Divine Act of War and Apocalyptic Promenade, and now prepare to unleash their third, Savage Gods, through the mighty Rockshots Records on January 19th 2018. This album builds on the firm foundations created by its predecessors but expands Sonic Prophecy’s sound into further realms musically and lyrically.
Sonic Prophecy are like Iron Maiden, a larger than life band, inspired by this world but very much creating their own. As vocalist Shane Provstgaard states proudly. “We formed to play heavy metal, we have always played heavy metal, and we always will play heavy metal!”
Shane is stoked for fans to hear Savage Gods. “Our fans will love this album. As a record, it combines all of the things people liked about our previous releases and then moves us forward into new areas musically and lyrically.”
It’s in the live arena that Sonic Prophecy really lay down the law. “We realize that people’s time and money are important and that they are a show to be entertained. We give every show 100% regardless of whether the crowd is twenty people or thousands of people. We also approach our live shows as fans of heavy metal, knowing that we represent, on some level, all of the influences that came before us. This means visually and sonically we deliver a show that is fun to watch, inclusive of the crowd, and above all else, loud and proud!”
Check out the new single taken from Savage Gods“Night Terror” below.

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