SONIC SYNDICATE – Confessions (Album Review)

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album-cover_confessions_750x750Two words which make anticipating a new album a bit scary are “unique” and “diverse” which are exactly those used by the promoters of Confessions by Sonic Syndicate.

Unfortunately, those fears were realized and I feel that this is not a rock record as we know it.

Out on Despotz Records, Confessions is the sixth album by Sonic Syndicate, with only one original member remaining, founder Robin Sjunnesson. Vocalist Nathan J Biggs has been around since 2009 and bassist Michel Barzien is a recent addition. Interestingly there is no drummer listed and that speaks volumes.

Metal, by their own admission, plays no more part in their makeup and, to me, they now sound like a boy band on steroids. As they have not named drummer I am led to conclude that they use a drum machine which it certainly sounds like. If they use a human drummer I can only apologize.

Half of the album is dance music, albeit heavy dance if there’s such a thing, and the other half is a lame Linkin Park reproduction.

The opening track, “Confessions” betrays what is to come. It’s fast disco backbeat and synth breaks come the fore and I’m sure it would be popular in dance clubs.

sonic syndicate“Falling”, too, has a heavy dance beat to kick it off.

There is one song, “I Like It Rough” which passes as metal and has all the constituent parts; passionate vocals, quality riff and even a solo. Solos are noticeable by their absence generally.

“Closure” is the penultimate track on Confessions, a slow one, and on any other day it may be a decent track but it is tainted by what has gone before and all I can picture is the 3 members sat on stools in tuxedos before screaming pre-pubescent girls.

Sonic Syndicate claim to write only from their hearts to please themselves and, of course, that is fine but if they want to carry their following with them they may be sorely disappointed.

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