SOULDRINKER – War Is Coming (Album Review)

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Souldrinker War is ComingSouldrinker have arrived and they’ve brought war! The, I believe German, outfit dropped their debut full-length War is Coming on November 3, 2017, courtesy of El Puerto Records. November 24, 2017, for CD & vinyl in North America. And what a release it is!

Having had the pleasure of possessing a promo download of this for a few weeks now, Souldrinker have enhanced my hour plus bus commute to work each day. Loaded with heavy riffs and incredible melodies combined, War is Coming rips.

The band formed in 2013 by Markus Pohl from Mystic Prophecy and vocalist Iris Boanta. Rounding out the quartet we can name Chris Rodens (bass) and Steffen Theurer (drums).

The album comes after close to a hundred European shows with the likes of Powerwolf, Delain, Brainstorm, Serenity, and Morbid Angel and two self-released EPs. The War is Coming release was recorded and mixed by Tom Müller at the Flatliner Studios/Ingolstadt and mastered by Eike Freese at Chamäleon-Studios/Hamburg.


SouldrinkerHigh energy hits the listener straight away as “Let the King Bleed” greets you. Beefy riffs, melodic chorus vocals, and double bass drumming ensure a guaranteed concert fist-pumper. Check out the official video below. The band’s namesake track, “Souldrinker”, appears next and is another power charged romp. “Promised Land” tapers back on the assault momentarily, a top candidate for radio airplay being quite melodic, catchy and accessible. The standout favorite track comes in the fourth position with “To The Tick”, whatever that means. It starts out soft and slow with piano and vocals but it’s not long before the band smashes in. Reaching the midway point we find “Take My Pain” and “Like Rain”. Two more barn burners loaded with energy, riffage, and melodic vocals.

The final four begins with “Raise the Flag”. A heavy thumper from the starting line featuring another “shout it out chorus”. “Fire Raiser” keeps pace through to “Voices”. Starting with an infectious groove “Voices” keeps you sucked into Souldrinker‘s War Is Coming and extremely happy about it! The album wraps with “Final Stand”, and what a stand it is too!

Souldrinker are making a statement. War Is Coming and you better get ready, they are here to make your ears bleed!

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