STONE LEADERS – Stone Leaders (Autumn 2018)

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Multi-national rock band Stone Leaders, co-founded by world-renowned drummer John Macaluso (Ark, Yngwie Malmsteen, James LaBrie, TNT, Symphony X and currently with Labyrinth and Mike Romeo) will have their self-titled debut album released this autumn via Vanity Music Group.

The band essentially came together when Macaluso was doing a drum clinic in Croatia and he asked the organizer to sort out some musicians in the area to jam with. He was then set up with his future band members. Upon returning to Italy, the New York drummer called guitarist Ivan Mihaljevic, and the pair soon found themselves discussing an album, alongside bassist, Marko Karacic, and keyboardist/vocalist Dino Jelusic.

Produced by Mihaljevic and Macaluso, the album is 12 songs of “dark groove prog.” As the sticksman explains it, “The songs are more groove-oriented than mathematical like most prog metal bands today. We have time changes that are really only there to fit what the lyrics are telling. The music is there to complement the story that the vocal is relaying. Another thing, the songs aren’t so extended that you don’t remember what the intro of the song was when it ends. They’re medium songs filled with hooks. Lyrically, the songs are both spiritual as well as realistic. There’s some fantasy but not really in a sci-fi sense, more in the way of mind battles, searching, life, death, addiction, religion. We try to touch on everything.”

The tracklisting for Stone Leaders is as follows:01 “Box of Fire”
02 “DVB4U4ea”
03 “Fire Up the Oceans”
04 “Blind Crusade”
05 “Shot by Lies”
06 “Toxic Guide”
07 “Heartless Stereo”
08 “Unearthly Designs”
09 “Electric City”
10 “Ignited”
11 “Gravity”
12 “Seeker”

Stone Leaders are:
Ivan Mihaljevic – guitar, vox
John Macaluso – drums
Dino Jelusic – vox, keys
Marko Karacic – bass
Stone Leaders is definitely one to look out for if you’re after top quality groove-based stoner rock.

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