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STRIKEFORCE – Elegant Steel (EP Review)


Strikeforce - Elegant Steel - Decibel GeekThe Strikeforce bio leads off with letting you know that the band formed in 1982. That’s something that resonates throughout the opening cut, “All About The Money”, to their release, Elegant Steel. Claiming to be influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Scorpions, Accept, Rainbow and Van Halen it’s no wonder they ooze an 80’s hard rock sound. The EP that came out in May of 2015 slipped past my radar until now, in fact, Strikeforce as a whole falls into that category. With four full-length albums and two EPs as far back as 1984, it’s a wonder how that happens.

The first EP, SF84, came in 1984 with the second, Strike Force, following in ’89. The first full-length, Incoming dropped in 1990 and six years later they served up Questions. The year 2000 saw Strikeforce issue Masterpiece and in 2006 Reign of Fire, recorded apparently in 1990 but unseen previously. I couldn’t find much information on the band members during those releases, but today we find founding member and guitarist Duke Jackson still in the driver’s seat. Joining Jackson are longtime drummer Jimmy Burdette, bass player David Rader, and new vocalist Tony Privitor.

Strikeforce – Elegant Steel (EP)

Of the five songs on Elegant Steel, the longest clocks in at 3:26 and the album cover showcases the requisite hot girl. “All About the Money” gets us going on an 80’s infused foot. A great opening riff that runs throughout and lots of tasty guitar solo work here. Love the “Your credit has been denied” spoken voice that sounds off about halfway through! A deeper thundering grind of a riff explodes out of the speakers as “Falling Down” begins. Most likely my favorite cut here is “Live Action”. This one is pure 80’s gold to me with the chantable chorus reminiscent of so many great songs. “Doomsday” makes a political statement while it thumps along. The Elegant Steel EP closes with a great party anthem and another homage to the 80’s in “Let Me Rock U”.

Having just found Strikeforce I will be searching for their back catalog. But even better their Facebook page eludes to a new release coming in 2017! Strikeforce garnered a grammy nomination for Elegant Steel so I have high expectations for this 2017 release.

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