STRIKER – Striker (February 24, 2017)

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There’s no time wasted when it comes to one of Canada’s most thrilling metal bands Striker. In 2016, they unleashed their award winning Stand In The Fire, their fourth album and first release via their own independent label Record Breaking Records. Kicking off the new year, these shredders return in 2017 with their fifth self-titled studio album due out on February 24, 2017, along with tours across the USA and Europe from January till mid-April.

The band comments on the upcoming release: “This is our no bullshit album. We cut out everything that wasn’t absolutely necessary and kept everything short and to the point. We pray at the altar of heavy metal every day, and there are some musical ideas that persist through time and some that don’t. We focused in on what keeps listeners coming back and got rid of everything else. You can’t climb Mount Everest dragging any useless shit with you; if you want to make it to the top, only bring with you what is absolutely necessary: Lethal amounts of shred.” 

 Striker has launched a pre-order campaign with an immediate download of their streaming first single Born To Lose”. This campaign will run until the end of January. The band explains: “Born To Lose”, like most of our songs, is about doing what you want in life. When you are born into this world, there is a lot of you life that is predetermined. If you choose to change part of your life you need to go out and live it, not just fantasize about it. We’ve always wanted to hear music like ours, so we started a band and created it. Born to Lose embraces everything we love about music: speed, nonstop shred, huge vocals, guitars, and drums, and over the top energy and emotion. If it doesn’t make you want to throw down and party then nothing will.”
Striker track listing:
1. “Former Glory”
2. “Pass Me By”
3. “Born To Lose” 
4. “Cheating Death”
5. “Shadows In The Light”
6. “Rock The Night”
7. “Over The Top” 
8. “Freedom’s Call”
9. “Curse of The Dead” 

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