Stryper Taps Perry Richardson for Bass Duties

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Former Firehouse bassist Perry Richardson has joined Stryper as their new bassist. Richardson replaces original Stryper bassist Tim Gaines who was recently released from the group. Stryper has been on a roll of well-received recent albums including 2013’s No More Hell to Pay and 2015’s Fallen. The band is set to enter the studio in November for a planned Spring 2018 release on Frontiers Records. The now-untitled album will be the first to feature Richardson on bass.

Stryper Taps Perry Richardson

Perry Richardson was a guest on a very memorable episode of the Decibel Geek Podcast in November of 2016. In this long-form talk, the bassist shares some incredible stories of Firehouse’s rise in the early 1990’s and some memorable run-ins with Ted Nugent and Alice in Chains among others. The entire Decibel Geek team wishes Perry all the best in his new role in Stryper and look forward to his return to the podcast in the near future.

Listen to Perry Richardson on Decibel Geek podcast at this link:



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