SUiCiDE BOMBERS – Suicide Idols (Album Review)

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Sleaze, I love this word. As a noun, “She’s such a sleaze” it invokes all kinds of colorful images, but I prefer sleaze as an adjective. Sleaze rock is perhaps one of the most perfect monikers for a musical genre. It so accurately describes not only the look of most of the bands found within the category but also the music itself. For me, sleaze rock is low-slung guitars, riffs that somehow ooze…you guessed it, sleaze. It’s a loose, melodic and incredibly fun style of music and the new CD from Norway’s Suicide Bombers entitled Suicide Idols is textbook sleaze in all its fishnet glory.

Some of you may be old enough to remember when Faster Pussycat emerged with their debut album. Personally, I was all over that record, don’t change that song! It’s my favorite record!! Fast forward thirty years and Suicide Bombers have totally captured the same vibe with their latest release, Suicide Idols. Dubbed “The Most Explosive Band In History”, Suicide Idols delivers a solid dose of sleaze rock in all its delicious glory. Released back in April of this year, it’s definitely an album worth checking out.

The intro to the record “Intro: A Divine Transmission” is one minute of dramatic hype and build-up that introduces each band member with colorful, almost comic book enthusiasm. Some might say “ridiculous” but I remember a time when rock ‘n’ roll was fun and rock stars were that, fucking rock stars!! So I am all for the Sleaze Fuhrer, the Beat Commando, the Thunder Mechanic and the Sex Gunslinger to blast out some rock ‘n’ roll.

“Suicide Idols”, the title track kick starts the album with a barn burning rocker. Chris Damien Doll‘s sandpaper rough vocal styling took me a couple listens to really get into, but the more I listen, the more it really fits. The sing along chorus with the fist pumping “Hey!” should go over great live. “Ready For Tonight” keeps the party rolling. Great melodic hook and the chorus here is infectious as hell. Both of these first two tracks have accompanying videos which are every bit as sleazy as can be expected. Great start, great sleaze.

The rest of the album delivers some of the finest sleaze rock I have heard in years. Highlights include “Next World War”, “We Got Tonight”, “Keep An Eye On You” and “Just One Fuck”! There are a couple songs that didn’t hit the mark with me but the ones that did make Suicide Idols a truly fun musical experience. Ahhh, but we must not forget the outro, “Over and Motherfucking Out”!

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