SUNLESS SKY – Doppelganger (April 7, 2017)

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Cleveland metallers Sunless Sky are set to release new album Doppelgänger on CD April 7th, 2017. The pre-order phase will start on March 24th, 2017 online.

Sunless Sky featuring Juan Ricardo (vocals), Curran Murphy (lead guitars) Kevin Czarnecki (bass/rhythm guitars), and Coltin Rady (drums) release their second album Doppelgänger. This incredible metal band offers us a masterpiece American power metal!  Juan Ricardo’s vocal power is also showcased on the upcoming spring 2017 release from Wretch entitled The Hunt.

The legendary US metal singer, Juan Ricardo (Attaxe, Ritual) sings vocal melodies and lyrics to listen to for an eternity as you bang your head to the masterful music that Curran Murphy (Nevermore, Annihilator), Kevin Czarnecki and Coltin Rady have crafted. One great power track after another to make your ears bleed, Doppelgänger comes at you full throttle and at high speed! 2017 begins with a dream for US metal fans; Pure Steel Records will make that dream become a reality!

Doppelganger track listing:

1. “Starfall”
2. “Doppelgänger”
3. “Kingdom Of Sky”
4. “Stone Gods”
5. “Lake Of Lost Souls”
6. “Netherworld”
7. “Adrenaline Junkie”
8. “Inside The Monster”
9. “Heroin”
10. “Black Symphony”

Current line-up:

Juan Ricardo – vocals
Curran Murphy – guitars
Kevin Czarnecki – bass
Coltin Rady – drums

Formed in 2013 and delivering pure American power metal, Sunless Sky creates a modern sound on the bones of classic metal. Embracing the history of metal and bringing new levels of sonic strength and excitement to the genre, Sunless Sky never disappoints.

Hailing from the metal heartland of Cleveland, Ohio, the band members have over 20 years experience in local metal bands such as NevermoreAnnihilator and Dark Arena.

This album is the follow-up to the 2014 release Firebreather, also released via Pure Steel Records with a somewhat different line-up consisting of:

Juan Ricardo – vocals

Harry Hillock – rhythm/lead guitars

Dave Kirk – rhythm/lead guitars

Jocko Jermann – bass

Rob Brandt – drums.




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