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Sunset Strip Box Set (March 24, 2015)


Rnr RebelsComing on March 24, 2015 from Eonian Records is the largest single collection of Sunset Strip bands ever assembled.  Rock n’ Roll Rebels & The Sunset Strip boasts 160 songs from over 80 bands from the 80’s and early 90’s L.A. Rock scene on an 8-disc, 2-volume collection box set.  The bands featured include: 21 Psyche, 151 Swing, Aces & Eights, Agent Zero, Alice Be Tokelas, Asylum Suite, Bad Blood, Bad Bones, Barbie, Big Deal, Blackboard Jungle, Brooklyn Brats, Brunette, Chalet, Charlemagne, Charlotte, Children, Cold Shot, Cry Wolf, Cutthroat, Cyclone Sound, Damn Yankees, D’Molls, Daddy Ray, Dallas Dollz, Deaf Dumb & Blonde, Enticier, Feast of Joy, Forgotten Child, Getting Red, Grace Period, Hail Mary, Hans Naughty, Hap Hazzard, Hardly Dangerous, Helter Skelter, High Noon, Hollywood Rose, Honor Among Thieves, Hung Jury, Imagine World Peace, Johnny and the Jaguars, Jones Street, Kidd Comet, Long Gone, Mad Anthony, Mad Moxie, Mad Reign, Murder Bay, Mystery Girls, New Improved God, Paradise, Rattlesnake Shake, Razmataz, Rocknee, Rough Justice, Ruby Slippers, Sam Mann and thee Apes, Scratch, Seductive Luck, Shake City, Shel Shoc, Shock, Sibling Rivalry, Society’s Scream, Soul, Spoyled, Spyder Blue, Stoned Immaculate, Sweet Savage, Swingin’ Thing, Taz, The Mimes, The Wild, Tommi Gunn, Trip Trigger, Uzi, Virgin, and Wikked Gypsy.

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