Sunset Strip Memories – Ep225

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Put on your studs and leather and break out the Aqua Net as DBG VIP Gregory Muse joins the Decibel Geek podcast this week for Sunset Strip Memories! In this hour-plus discussion Gregory shares his recollections of growing up in Southern California and witnessing rock music history being made as he reflects back on seeing a young group of punks in the clubs calling themselves Motley Crue. You’ll hear him share his memories of early Crue shows as well as his participation in the original Motley Crue fan club. He also reflect on the days of pre-internet networking via the Circus Magazine pen pals section and how those friendships still endure to this day.

Sunset Strip Memories

   Sunset Strip Memories


Other experiences discussed include seeing Metallica playing a dingy club with the Dave Mustaine version of the band before heading to San Francisco and superstardom, experiences seeing bands such as Ratt, Armored Saint and WASP, and an absolute TON of KISS talk including memories of buying Music From the Elder on release day, seeing the band twice on the Creatures of the Night tour in the LA area, the Crazy Crazy Nights music video shoot, KISS‘ appearance in 1992 at the Troubadour, a disastrous club set by Peter Criss‘ short-lived Balls of Fire, and lots of Vinnie Vincent discussion (of course). It’s an hour-plus of Los Angeles based rock n’ roll nostalgia for your ears. Enjoy DBG VIP Gregory Muse sharing his Sunset Strip Memories and SHARE with a friend!

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