SWEDEN ROCK 2013 – The Meister’s Adventure (Festival Coverage)

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Sweden Rock 2013

SWEDEN ROCK 2013 – The Meister’s Adventure

Here’s all of Decibel Geek website editor/staff writer Rich “The Meister” Dillon‘s daily diary blogs chronicling his adventure at Sweden Rock 2013. From nearly losing his job and not being able to go. To all of the awesome bands he witnessed on stage, it’s all here! We present Sweden Rock 2013.

Since hearing about and seeing the line-up for Wacken Open-Air (German Festival) several years ago, I’ve wanted to travel to Europe and see a proper hard rock music festival. Something severely lacking in Toronto, Canada. How do I know that they’re better at these festivals over there if I’ve never been? Well, aside from the fact that it stands to reason given that Europe kept this genre of music alive while everyone in North America threw away the bands in favour of the ascending grunge era or the dark era of music as I like to call it. Not only that, but many of my favourite bands are European and then all you have to do is look at the line-ups.  for example this years Sweden Rock (my chosen victim) roster of 83 bands…..yes 83 bands!!


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