SWEDEN ROCK 2019-NEMIS Stage Applications Open (News)


Sweden Rock 2019-NEMISAs Decibel Geek readers are probably very aware, our website editor/staff writer Rich “The Meister” Dillon travels each year from Toronto, Canada to Sölvesborg, Sweden for Sweden Rock Festival. This year, 2019 represents his seventh straight year of the adventure. One of his favorite things at the massive event is the NEMIS stage (New Music In Sweden). Through this stage and a parade of unknown to him before, he has discovered quite a few truly awesome bands. The 2019 NEMIS Stage is now open for band applications! The full press release and NEMIS info (translated via Google Translate) appears below.

NEMIS again open to Sweden Rock applications

For the 14th year in a row, Studiefrämjandet offers new talents a stage at Sweden’s biggest hard rock festival. The stage is called Nemis and the festival is of course Sweden Rock Festival. The focus on making the stage equal to this year has been clarified using the parallel project Sweden Rock-Collo. Now the competition starts for the summer festival scene and the application is open to musicians throughout Sweden.

Hedda Hatar on NEMIS Stage 2018 (by Lasse Johansson)
Hedda Hatar on NEMIS Stage 2018 (by Lasse Johansson)

Nemis – which stands for New Music in Sweden, has long been an obvious feature at many Swedish festivals. The stage at the Sweden Rock Festival is the most persistent of all and will therefore be in its 14th year. Among the bands and artists who visited the Nemis stage in Sölvesborg early in their careers include Sparzanza, Sonic Syndicate, Emma Varg, Corroded, VA Rocks, Frantic Amber and Maidavale.

Half of the bands chosen should be women-dominated, alternatively fronted by a woman. The aim is to encourage more young women to play hard rock.

“Together with the initiative on Sweden Rock-kollo, as we also do with Studiefrämjandet, we want to continue to send clear signals that the hair dryer is for everyone, whether you want to stand on stage or in the audience.” This is what Sofia Lindqvist Lacinai, Marketing Manager and Vice President of Sweden Rock Festival says.

Sweden Rock 2018-NEMIS
Sweden Rock 2018-NEMIS

Marcus Pehrsson, communicator at the Student Council’s National Federation and former music director, gives the study program perspective:

“Since 2010, we, as the country’s largest music study federation, have aimed at making music performance more accessible to anyone who may wish to participate, regardless of genre. Our music houses, replocates and studios have previously not been as natural venues for girls and non-binary as for boys and men. Even on our scenes, the guys have often dominated but for each year, we broaden our participant base, even in rock music.”

At the 2018 festival, the Nemis scene was hosted by Frontback (Växjö), Gaupa (Falun), Hedda Hatar (Lund), Nala (Gothenburg), Spiral Skies (Stockholm), Nekrokraft (Linköping), Gain Eleven (Arvika) and Coldtears (Åstol).

How does the application go?

Sweden Rock 2019Nemis is a unique opportunity for bands and artists who invest heavily in music and their artistry. In order to participate in the Nemis acquisition at Sweden Rock, the artist may not be contracted to a larger record company or be booked by a major booking company. The application must be made by 6 January. The band / artists who will be present for the festival will be contacted by the Student Prize by 22 January.

More information about Nemis is available at www.nemis.se. This will also be the application.

Contact Studiefrämjandet riksförbundet
Jonas Kofod
Development leader, culture
08-545 707 05
jonas.kofod@studieframjandet.se www.studieframjandet.se/musik

About Sweden Rock Festival

Sweden Rock is Scandinavia’s biggest hard rock festival. Every year, visitors from around 50 countries are attracted to Sölvesborg, where they are invited to over 80 concerts in a mix of classical rock, hard rock, southern rock and metal. Sweden Rock is renowned for keeping a high level of service, and the friendly atmosphere has become one of the festival’s main signatures. In addition to the annual festival, Sweden Rock now has a magazine magazine, beverages and lifestyle products gathered under its brand.


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