SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 – The Full Coverage (Festival Report)

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Sweden Rock Festival 2017And so, welcome one and all. Ladies gentlemen boys and girls to the absolute greatest music event on land the world over. We proudly present theDecibel Geek coverage of the Sweden Rock Festival 2017.

The Sweden Rock Festival takes place in a sleepy hamlet in south Sweden. Beginning back in 1991, 2016 was a landmark year marking the 25th anniversary for Sweden Rock Festival. An event that organizers were told “would never work. The bands and the fans are too old”. The festival has changed names and moved locations throughout the years. Expanding from a single day to the massive four-day extravaganza that we experience currently. Four days, five stages, over 80 bands, and over 30,000 rock fans. And four Decibel Geeks.

When the Decibel Geek website started reporting experiences and reviews of Sweden Rock Festival in 2013 it was one man. That lone intrepid rock lover was our website editor/staff writer Rich “The Meister” Dillon. Entranced by a stellar roster featuring many bands he believed that he would never see on Canadian soil, the Torontonian vowed attendance. Even though he was completely alone he felt welcomed by the Swedes and other festival goers and like he was part of a family. Hence, future attendances were guaranteed.

Consequently, today we realize a virtual army of Decibel Geek contributors on festival grounds. So, meet the 2017 team:

Mikael “The Lionsheart” Svensson

Being a native Swede, staff writer Mikael Svensson has certainly attended before. But since joining the Decibel Geek team 2017 serves as his third outing. Mikael loves melodic rock, AOR, and NWOBHM among others and is always excited to meet and interview some of his musical heroes.

Shawn “Animalize” Irwin

In his second appearance, we find Shawn “Animalize” Irwin returning this year. Another Canadian extremely passionate about music, Shawn‘s photographs have appeared on band pages, websites, in album sleeves and on promo posters the world over. Shawn‘s favorite music genre to write about showcases his love of symphonic metal.

“Rockin’ Ron” Runyon

Decibel Geek at Sweden Rock 2017
Decibel Geek at Sweden Rock 2017

Furthermore, the Decibel Geek team virgin lies in “Rockin'” Ron Runyon. Hailing from Colorado, big Ron has never before left the USA. So this venture promises to be a big eye opener into a world of wonder for Decibel Geek‘s Youtube channel guru and videographer. Rest assured that Ron did his absolute best to capture performances all over Sweden Rock.

Rich “The Meister” Dillon

Last but not least is our fearless leader! Having covered the festival the past four years in the form of daily event blogs, Rich often proclaims Sweden Rock the best festival anywhere on land. Rich is a massive music fan, running Decibel Geek‘s website and 40+ contributors as well as writing his own album/concert/interviews. While NWOBHM, power metal, hard rock, traditional metal, and sleaze/glam are all top genres, he is a lover of most music.

Finally, here we present the entire Decibel Geek coverage of Sweden Rock Festival 2017. Furthermore, you’ll find below, written reviews, blogs, interviews, photo galleries and live performance videos. Lastly, we hope you enjoy and, most of all, see you next year.


SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 – The Photo Galleries

Unfortunately, due to not possessing a proper photo pass for Sweden Rock FestivalShawn did his best to capture shots from the gigs that he could. And so, here are the links to those photo galleries by Day that he was able to shoot.

DAY 1: Emma Varg / Art Nation / Helix

DAY 2: Doro Pesh’s Warlock / Fates Warning

DAY 3: Gotthard Photo Gallery / KIX Photo Gallery / Picture Photo Gallery / RATT Photo Gallery

DAY 4: Thunder Photo Gallery / Tarja with Sweden Rock Symphony Orchestra / Lionheart Photo Gallery / Artch Photo Gallery 

DECIBEL GEEK: Decibel Geek Fun Gallery

SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 – Rockin’ Ron’s Live Videos

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLLrMnT6Sn-pTPYKgOwb3zIduo0VRs5rz0&v=fUzxk5qhoU8&layout=gallery[/embedyt]

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