A Trip Back to ’89 with STATION (Concert Review)


dsc_0011-3 (1)I recently traveled to Hazard, Ky. The sole purpose of this trip was to take a road trip with four friends and catch the Stryper and Lynch Mob show at The Forum. I will post a show review soon but first, I have to post this to give you a heads up on this band that opened the show. Simply called “STATION“, these guys blew us away. Once STATION hit the stage, The Forum in Hazard, Kentucky was transported back to 1989. A little part of me is bummed that these guys were not around back then. If STATION had been around and released their debut album back then, these guys would have dominated the 80’s hair metal scene. No joke. Their album would have been in the top of the charts and their singles would have been in heavy rotation on the Headbanger’s Ball (skull crusher of the week, anyone?) and not to mention Dial MTV. Don’t believe me? Check out their song “More Than Enough” and get back to me. That being said, no such luck, but they are here in 2016 and with today’s mainstream radio playing nothing but disposable garbage, you won’t hear their name, much less any tracks from their debut album there, so let me give you a quick run down of the band.

STATION consists of..img_20160624_205021-1-

Patrick Kearney (vocals)
Chris Lane (guitar)
Justin Ryan (drums)
Emi Asta (bass)

Patrick Kearney‘s vocals are next level. From what he told me at the show he had once been (maybe still is??) involved in opera at one point in his life. Please, excuse me, Patrick if I am a little off (well at least while I am talking about you. I am for sure a little off, but that’s a story for another time). This guy blew us away at the show and after picking up a copy of the album I was honestly taken back a little. Man, the pipes on this guy. Wow. Like I said before, top of the 80’s metal charts.

Chris Lane. Basically, this guy is a straight up throwback. From the huge curly hair to the Jackson guitar to the crazy leads he ripped at the show, this guy is a badass. Top notch riffs. Not to mention a  killer guitar tone. Backing vocals were on point as well.

img_20160624_194452-1-Justin Ryan. Justin, the guy I was giving a little shit to for not having the throwback long hair and look like the rest of the band but, hey, that’s what I do. He understands. All kidding aside, this guy is a monster drummer. Solid, solid drumming here with backing vocals as an added bonus.

Emi Asta, I am pretty sure this guy is the comedian of the band as well as the bass player. Good guy. Great tone. Great playing. Emi and Justin are a solid rhythm section.

I have used the “throwback” term a lot here but, honestly, I put the STATION self-titled album on and it really takes me back to my favorite time in music. If you are here on the Decibel Geek website reading this then I am positive it will do the same for you. 15 tracks. All killer, no filler. I am not going to do a track by track review, I am just posting this as a heads-up. Seek out STATION‘s debut album and prove me wrong. It’s not going to happen. This album is stellar. Five stars. Be sure to catch these guys out on tour. Dates are listed on their website.

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