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Tango Down - BulletproofAfter waiting what seemed an eternity for those familiar with Tango Down, the band has recently issued their fifth full-length effort, Bulletproof. The album is presented courtesy of Kivel Records and is available for purchase through the link below. With three of the Decibel Geek staff all wanting to share their thoughts on this release, we combined a paragraph from each for this review:

RICH “THE MEISTER” DILLON (website editor/staff writer)

These guys were a highlight of my attendance at Rock n’ Skull 2015. I’ve been following them since the Identity Crisis album of 2012 which featured then vocalist David Reece. Tango Down now features Chas West (Bonham, Lynch Mob) in the frontman position (who I swear I saw at a recent MORC pre-party in L.A.). The brand new Tango Down album, Bulletproof, is a really rocking affair and I recognized 4 of the tracks as inclusions from the Rock n’ Skull set. I’ve often heard the first three songs referred to as “the make or break” for an album. “Punching Bag” bursts out of the gates followed by the slower melodic pace of “Give Me a Reason”. “Bulletproof” is near perfection in this overcrowded Melodic Rock genre. Check out the live video of Tango Down performing the track at Rock n’ Skull 2015 below.

Cheers,Tango Down
The Meister

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BLAIR DeABREU (staff writer)

Apparently, this band has been around for a decade or so but I have not heard or come across them until this release. As I understand it, this is a new vocalist for them and while I have not compared to previous sounding releases I would imagine they should be happy. A hard rock sound with a melodic edge and solos up the yin yang in each and every song. Similar to Danger Danger with less production/polish. I like it. While no song sticks out as a superstar I can listen to each song and be glad to do so. I think they would serve themselves to get the right producer to round out the songs a bit more. They often incorporate a layered guitar sound so why not take that next step. This is their fifth release so perhaps this is part of their evolution. I will be listening to more from them for sure. When I tried to check out their site it was down and continues to be down 2 weeks later. They do have a fairly active Facebook page and I thought the post from Aug. 30 with a breakdown to each song there from their own guitarist is a good read. I will give kudos to an American band with this sound, it seems like Scandinavian countries have the lock on solid hard rock, and perhaps Canada. I know they will be playing at the upcoming Rock N Skull in Joliet, IL.

Blair De Abreu

tango-down-bandSHAWN “ANIMALIZE” IRWIN (staff writer / photographer)

Having come across Tango Down 2 years ago I was able to see them live at Rock N Skull 2015 with new vocalist Chas West (Lynch Mob, Resurrection Kings, Jason Bonham). The performance was excellent and the vocal harmonies something to behold. For 2016, West was able to record his first CD with Tango Down. With the release of Bulletproof, Tango Down will find new fans of AOR Melodic Rock around the world. With a variety of mellow tracks and rocking melodic songs, this album has grown on me to be the #1 release of their catalog. I can’t wait to hear these songs played live at Rock N Skull 2016 later this month.

Shawn “Animalize” Irwin

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