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The Best & Worst of Aerosmith 1993-2012 – Ep572


We’re back this week to examine an era for a classic band that resulted in huge sales but possible long-term damage as we consider The Best & Worst of Aerosmith 1993-2012.

Coming off the heels of back-to-back successes ‘Permanent Vacation’ and ‘Pump,’ Aerosmith was riding high. Those two albums opted to inject a more commercial flavor to their sound and the results spoke for themselves. Heading into the 90’s, the band leaned further in that direction going forward with sometimes mixed results.

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In this episode we’ll pick our favorite and least favorite tracks from ‘Get a Grip,’ ‘Nine Lives,’ ‘Just Push Play,’ ‘Honkin’ on Bobo,’ and ‘Music From Another Dimension.’ Aerosmith sold a ton of albums through these releases so their bank accounts approved of them. However, did they push things too far and alienate hardcore fans? We discuss this entire era, songs that got left off, drama behind the scenes, and much more. It’s an hour-plus of Aerosmith discussion covering an era that rarely gets brought up. Is that for a reason? Did we find some gold among these albums? Listen and find out!

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