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The Best & Worst of White Lion – Ep498


We’re back this week for another Best & Worst episode; this time we’re tackling the catalog of White Lion.

White Lion, formed in New York in the early 1980’s, featured all the ingredients that a band needed to propel them to stardom. Led by Danish-born front man Mike Tramp and the virtuosity of guitarist Vito Bratta, the band had the hooks, mind-bending guitar solos, and looks that were required to make it big in the 1980’s.

White Lion would start to build a following in the New York and New Jersey areas culminating with the release of 1985’s debut album ‘Fight to Survive.’ After dealing with record company politics that would cause the album to be released overseas first before it was available in America, the band failed to hit it big but would garner attention in the rock press.

With 1987’s sophomore release ‘Pride,’ the band hit pay dirt. Produced by the legendary Michael Wagener, the album was replete with arena rock tunes that seemed a perfect fit for radio play. Once the single for ‘Wait’ hit MTV, the band’s profile rose quickly. The release of power ballad ‘When the Children Cry’ catapulted the band to new heights.

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White Lion


1989’s ‘Big Game’ album saw the band team up with Wagener again to continued success. The single ‘Little Fighter’ did well at radio and also showed listeners that White Lion wasn’t going to shy away from heavy subject-matter. Other songs like ‘If My Mind is Evil’ and ‘Cry for Freedom’ cemented that point. The juxtaposition of the bands’ image combined with their willingness to break out of the ‘party-rock’ trend of lyrical content certainly was a contrast to other bands of the day.

By 1991, the tides of popular rock music were shifting, making the release of ‘Mane Attraction’ a possible victim of circumstance. The album is every bit as eclectic as it’s predecessor; but was it to a fault?

We talk about all of these releases this week and share our thoughts on the songs, the playing, the direction of the band and more. We also pick our favorite and least-favorite song from each album.

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