THE EROTICS – Stuck Between Venus and Mars (EP Review)


The Erotics - Stuck Between Venus and MarsThe EroticsStuck Between Venus and Mars is the new EP from the New York-based punk/glam/sleaze band. Dropping on August 24, 2018, via Cacophone Records, The Erotics deliver six songs on this slab of wax.

Basically, I have never heard of The Erotics before. Until a Swedish friend started to chirp about them recently in her excitement to witness them at HRH Sheffield in early September. Then as if by magic or the call of the universe a We-transfer file arrived in my email inbox from Mike Trash. No info. No bio. Nothing other than the link and the track list. Not even the cover art! (well, it was in the download). Had I not recalled my friend’s high regard (and the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone on my promise to her of checking The Erotics out) I would probably have ignored this email. Thankfully I did not. I’m actually now listening to more of The Erotics!

THE EROTICS – Stuck Between Venus and Mars (EP Review)

Thunderingly great punk ‘n’ roll groove in the first track, “Stop Drop Roll”. Gravel raked, whiskey-soaked vocals from Mike Trash fit the music perfectly, adding a great texture to the song. If your toe ain’t tapping while listening to this then you might have to stop drop and roll your own damn self! As described on their own Facebook page: “un-apologetic dirty rock n roll”. Hell yeah, it is!

The first single (or so it seems) is “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”. Time to take a shower after this track, the sleaze oozing from this composition completely covers the listener. Fantastic high energy fist-pumper that I can only imagine would go over gangbusters live! A little more glammy styled in the guitar riffs laced throughout, we get the title track next. While I can imagine hearing it as a late 80s radio hit, the power ballad-ish “Best Song of the Night” does not endear itself to me. But then again, I am rather less than a fan of slower fare, personally.

The Erotics - Stuck Between Venus and Mars“Dismember You” is loaded with tongue in cheek (hopefully) dark humored lyrics. This song just conjures up images of TV’s Dexter. A fast-paced punkish rocker, very catchy, perfect in concert sing-along chorus as well. Reminding us of their influences The Erotics have included a cover of The Misfits “Skulls” to wrap the EP.

THE EROTICS – Stuck Between Venus and Mars (Final Words)

What an upbeat and absolutely fun EP. These songs are awesome, exhibiting a punch, life, and energy that’s mostly absent in today’s music. Thanks to my friend (you know who you are) for talking enough about The Erotics to turn me onto listening to this. Now you should as well…buy it through the link below!

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