THE EVERYDAY LOSERS – Mono No Aware (Album Review)

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The Everyday Losers - Mono No AwareMono No Aware is the third album from Indiana rockers The Everyday Losers. They describe themselves as combining hard rock and 90’s indie and it’s hard to disagree with that.

The Everyday Losers was formed by brothers Dylan and Tyler Seidel and after a bit of an instrument merry-go-round the band currently comprises of Dylan on vocals and lead guitar, Tyler on bass and recent recruit Collin Banks on drums.

Mono No Aware kicks off with hard riffs and heavy drumming on “The Calm and Collected” which the vocals back up superbly, even it gets a bit shouty at times. It’s a great opener with a nod more to contemporary rock than anything else.

The first hint of post-grunge arrives on “Melancholia” where Dylan gets shouty again, but with purpose. It’s a 3-minute assault on the senses topped off with a cracking piercing solo.

The first single of Mono No Aware is up next, “Bird of Prey”. There are grungy riffs, quiet breaks and passionate vocals, all the requisite parts of classic grunge really.

The same can also be said of “Break My Heart”, but what can also be said is that it doesn’t have the depressive feel either, which is a neat trick to pull off.

The opening riff to “Who We Are” reminded me of the opening to Kiss“War Machine”, which was interesting, The Everyday Losersbefore reverting to type. A slower track but still quite heavy and with prominent background riffing, this is one of my favorites.  

Dylan Siedel has slightly raspy vocals not dissimilar to grunge icon Kurt Cobain which make many tracks sound grungy although they possibly aren’t.

“Keep Telling Me” feels more traditional at the start but the grunge feel returns soon enough. However, there’s plenty of melody happening and crunchy riffs break it up nicely.

“Burn Away” is what I’d call a classic rock track, maybe verging on power ballad territory. No grunge, loads of melody and a tasty solo all add up to a great song.

The next track on Mono No Aware has spiteful attitude in bucketloads. “Know It All” says everything you want to scream at someone in frustration, namely “fuck off!!!!” It’s angry, direct and makes its point superbly. A crowd pleaser, no doubt.

The Everyday Losers finish this top album with “Die For You” and it’s a good finish, too. It represents everything the band stands for. Classic 90s alternative with a modern feel and the best solo on the album. Result!!

This album is what grunge should have been when it infested the rock world back in the early 90s. It’s different enough to make a change but still has rock at its heart, not depression and misery. Invest.

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