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The Meister Goes Shooting Angels


“Apocalypse is finally here, the end of the world and humanity is condemned, angels are coming down to earth to kill us all and send us to hell. So, you load your shotgun and prepare yourself to hit the road and start some angel hunting. Before this, you need to find the perfect music to join you and motivate you through the journey, fulfilling you with energy, power and “let’s rip some fuckin’ wings” attitude. Well search no more, you just found Shooting Angels.”

Shooting Angels was born in Switzerland in 2014 as a result of a night spent by drummer Alex “Black Cat” and guitarist Lee “The Kid” in a strip club after their jam session. The concept presented to them in their drunken stupor in the form of a hot stripper spewing off pothead talk about the end of the world with the “skies opening up and the angels coming down to earth to kill every human, eating them alive and releasing their souls to hell”. And so the band concept was born. Many male singers were auditioned for the position, but it was the kick ass-ery of female vocalist Lola Van Loo that won out to front Shooting Angels. February 2015 saw the release of the Deal With The Devil EP which was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Federico Truzzi and shortly afterward guitarist Fabian joined the trio. Now Shooting Angels and their Deal With The Devil EP have found their way to The Meister!

The EP begins with the ominous thunder and rain intro to “This Is War” and this track has a straight ahead rock feel to it with a harmonic, leaning towards symphonic, chorus that becomes quite catchy. Loo shows that she possesses the dulcet tones of the very angels the band is hunting (according to their little bio) at the outset of “Mirror, Mirror” before the rest of the angel hunters join in. The band’s title song, “Shooting Angels” is up next and seems to follow the little back story from the band’s bio about just what the title suggests. Featuring an insanely memorable chorus that rolls around in my head days later, this is the gem of the assemblage for me. The four song EP wraps up with the title track “Deal With The Devil”, another solid composition. All four tracks are available on the Shooting Angels YouTube channel and I have included the links below.

I can’t help but picture the American TV show Supernatural with characters Dean and Sam Winchester, for those familiar with that program, when listening to these four tracks thanks to the backstory behind the band. The Shooting Angels EP came to me through the band’s drummer Alex “Black Cat”. I had previously done a review of Alex‘s other band Mortician and their Shout For Heavy Metal album (These Austrians Shout For Heavy Metal). While both bands possess a difference in styles, I highly recommend giving both a shot. The only thing left for me now is to hope that they will be playing a gig during the time that I’m over in Europe in June 2015! I’m off to load my shotgun.





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