The New Black – A Monster’s Life (February 26, 2016)

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new black feb 26The New Black put all their hearts as well as an incredible amount of time and energy into this record. They went for broke, all in and now they reap what they sowed. Aside from the enviably thick guitar sound and the ballsy drums, Hansen‘s production is predominantly highlighting Fludid‘s impressive vocals. Said opener “Long Time Coming” is self-confidently sowing the fields of Heavy Rock with enthusiastic up-tempo riffing and a boldly anthemic chorus, “Blockbuster Life” convinces with breakneck speed and gang shouts. Just like the huge lizard on the album cover that can’t wait to trample down Tokyo, A Monster’s Life will gather momentum and will shake our floors on the record as well as on their tour early 2016. This time for real indeed. (from Amazon)

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The New Black Website / The New Black Facebook (German language)


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