The New Roses – Nothing But Wild – (Album Review)


The New Roses - Nothing But Wild


The New Roses are a classic hard rock band from Germany. They play the sort of rock music that radio used to play late 70s and the 80s. They wear their influences on their sleeves. They are not copyists but rather fans of bands such as AC/DCGuns N RosesBon Jovi, Tom Petty amongst many others, taking those influences and making them sound new and fresh for a modern era. They also have that secret weapon required to do classic rock, that being an excellent singer in the shape of Timmy Rough.

Nothing But Wild comprises of 13 electric tracks and 2 acoustic versions of songs from this album and the previous one called One More For The Road. Every song has a chorus. Every chorus is huge and infectious. Any song from the album  could be played live and get an audience reaction vocally. This is a strong collection of songs. I shall pick some of the tracks that I particularly like, although on each listen those can still change, so these are the ones for today!

The Songs:

They open with a great 1 – 2 straight to the gut. Opener “Soundtrack Of My Life” kicks the door open with a great riff, plenty of groove and plenty of fine guitar soloing from Norman Bites. There is a touch of heavier Skid Row about it at times (think “Slave To The Grind“).  No sooner does that end and “Can’t Stop Rock & Roll” comes along. Opening with a guitar sound reminiscent of AC/DC (thinking “Highway To Hell” period) before a Foreigner type melody/riff comes in which made me think of “Hot Blooded” topped off with a chorus that Twisted Sister would have been proud of, this is a belter!

Nothing But Wild” is more bluesy with a hint of AOR and has some harmony sections that made me think of Y&T which of course is a very good thing. “The Bullet” is one of my personal favorites. It is quite American sounding, heading a little into John Mellencamp and or Tom Petty, but still quite rocky. This is a song that shows the band off really well, with good pacing, allowing gaps and pauses in the song so it breathes nicely.

The New Roses
The New Roses (photo by Frank Dursthoff)

Unknown Territory” has one of the best riffs on the album along with a chorus that is utterly irresistible. The melody seeps into the brain and simply stays with you. Outstanding song all round.  My first note on this song was “infectious as fuck”, and to be honest, that hasn’t changed.

Talking of infectious “Give And Take” also needs a mention (and listen). Plenty of “woahs” for fans to get their teeth into. There is some good drum fills on this from Urban Berz and the whole thing reminds me of early to mid-period Gotthard, yes it is THAT good. “Glory Road” is pure Americana. Again with a strong melody throughout and is very anthemic and upbeat.

Final Thoughts:

This is a first-class old school rock album for this era. Its influences may be from previous decades but it sounds fresh and exciting. As I stated earlier this is an album of great songs, superb choruses and strong melodies performed to the highest quality. Having had the pleasure of seeing them live a year or so ago I can easily say that any of these songs will fit in beautifully to what they do already. I can honestly say I cannot wait to hear these songs played live and to sing along, sway along at the appropriate moments and rock out when they do musically.

An easy contender for one of the albums of the year.

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