THE RICH AND FAMOUS – Take Us To Your Leader (Album Review)

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The Rich and FamousThe Rich And Famous were formed by Jeff and Cliff Hoad, two brothers most people would be familiar with from the Australian hard rock band Kings Of The Sun.  Formed in 2002, The Rich And Famous was created as a reaction to what Jeffrey Hoad described as ‘faceless fodder‘, the state of the music scene at that time was enduring an “extended period of blandness“.  Certainly, this EP is no way bland.  It is a raw and rocking middle finger to the corporate world.

The rebel songs start with “Take Us To Your Leader“, which sounds like early Adam & The Ants mixed with Rose TattooJeff Hoad sings with distortion on max and it takes a tongue in cheek view of an alien invasion (I think).  The drums are tribal and the guitars chunk along nicely.  The pirate backing vocals add a bit of Pirate Rock (see the CCGM Podcast#2 for more information on this genre).

Dirty Music” does exactly what it says on the tin.  This is a punky AC/DC-like rocker that cuts the mustard and then some.  I have done the Coxy Test on this one – it is a corker for driving fast on the highway.  The squealing breakdown of harmony guitar is cracking.

Blast Off” evokes the Ramones, with its greasy three chord salute.  This is a theme to the record, with a huge spine of Punk holding down the rock and roll.  However, where it beats down Punk is that it has great choruses and melodies.  I find the songs getting into my brain and not shifting easily.  I like the phaser guitar at the end as well.  There is even some Aerosmith tucked into this blaster.

Strict Disciopline” has a bit of a Middle Eastern feel to its start, but then pulls on a groove that makes it a real humdinger of a tune.

The greasy rock finishes with “Have You Heard” which grooves harder than a worn out vinyl LP.  The song swaggers away out the door like an alley cat who’s just had some adult fun with all the local female cats. Cat Scratch Fever indeed!

Loved this EP and who cares if you’re not rich and famous when you have The Rich And Famous!   Well, I wouldn’t mind some more money, but you can keep the fame!!

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