THE STRUTS Bring The Glory To Minnesota (Concert Review)

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The Struts / The Glorious Sons / Spirit Animal

First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN

May 15th 2018

It’s not exactly a secret that rock needs a kick in the ass. To that end, America is getting that kick right now as the Struts are rolling through the states with The Glorious Sons who are quite possibly the most important band rock has had since the Rolling Stones. This is the type of one two punch rock fans crave.

Anyone famliar with my writing knows I can love gush about the band from Kingston Ontario for hours. The Glorious Sons walked on stage just after 8 and hit everything that makes Rock n Roll great. They have two full length albums (The Union and Young Beauties & Fools) that are two of the best records of the decade. I caught them a couple of months back in this same clubs second room. Tonight on the main stage they we just as good minus the first song where lead singer Brett Emmons microphone didn’t work.

The Sons tour with 6 musicians and are such a tight act, even the frugalist fan should crack open the wallet for a night out. Rock n Roll at it’s core is drums, bass, guitar and melody. The Sons follow that format while not sounding stuck in a different time. The songs are now. Fresh. Relevant to 2018. The only complaint I could offer was they aren’t playing one of the biggest and best songs “Heavy”. Even if you can’t make it to one of their all too rare shows in America, find their music and listen. For a detailed reason why they don’t play “Heavy” and some insight as to why Brett is a unique voice and a reason for hope in Rock N Roll check out my interview with him.

Talking about pushing rock into the now while using it’s basic tools, I give you The Struts. The Bay City Rollers with a dash of Queen. Part of me sees a one trick pony. But the trick is soooo good. And based on the crowds reaction I am not alone in thinking that. From the opening notes of “Put Your Hands Up”, the nearly sold out crowd was screaming along to every song.

Lead singer Luke Spiller takes the 7o’s Freddy Mercury look more seriously than Mark Cuban takes casual Friday. He is exactly the right amount of over the top showman and profesional singer. His performance seems so effortless it would be easy to put him off as just a flamboyant wannabe. Look closer. This is a man who is very deft at his craft. As is the rest the band.

From the first chords of the night, to the excellent new track “Primadonna”, to the last notes of the evening. The Struts reminded the United States that England still knows how to rock. The tour runs through the end of May before they hit the festival circuit in Europe. I encourage anyone who can, see this tour.

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