The Sun Rises Red In Minnesota (Concert Review)

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Red Sun RisingLike many, my first exposure to Red Sun Rising was hearing the Alice In Chains tinged “Otherside”.  I liked it but seeing them live was a game changer.  Let the band crush begin.   And not because the members of Red Sun Rising are the physical manifestation of the Marvin Gaye song “Let’s Get It On”.  (Or the Aldis Snow track “Inside You”), it’s because Red Sun Rising just gets better every time I see them.  Recently on tour with openers Badflower they are cementing their place as the face of rock’s future.  Mike Protich is as simpatico as he is attractive.  As are the rest of the band.  Their live show has an orgasmic feel I shall never become comfortable with.  Don’t judge.

Any experienced photographer knows that touring bands have their pre-packaged moves for every show.  But even a seasoned band like RSR had to be a bit thrown off by the weird stage set up that is the CaboozeMike as much confirmed this when questioned “Who the hell designed this stage?” to the crowd.  To be fair it is the closing of a couple of local clubs that has necessitated the Cabooze booking these kinds of shows.  But the room and stage limitations had no effect on the band as they delivered a crotch tightening rock show.

I go to rock shows because they remind me why I love this music.  Mike Protich is a pleasantly refreshing voice in rock with an equally refreshing attitude.  The same goes for guitarists Dave McGarry and Ryan Williams.  The two of them go together like beer tubs and bikinis.  Rounding out the band is the rhythm section of drummer Pat Gerasia and bassist Ricky Miller.

Show openers Badflower fucking killed it as well.  Despite admitting they were just a bunch of LA pussies who needed this thing called long underwear for their day in Minnesota, they are a great band and brought great music to the Twin Cities.  Good enough that I bought all of their music.  You should too.  Stream as a tease.  Buy because you care.

Back to RSR.  They opened the show with “Amnesia”.  Which only sucks because I love/hate when a band plays my favorite song while I’m shooting them.  Nice to see it up close.  But hard to appreciate while focusing on getting the best shot.  RSR were so good I didn’t mind my wife goo-goo eyeing the singer from the side of the stage.  Seriously they are fucking elite as a live band.  I hadn’t seen them since last summer and catching a longer show in a club was pretty intense.  Of course, they played “Push”.  Of course, the played “Otherside”.  But they also played an Alanis Morrisette cover they hinted at about 9 months ago when I interviewed them at Rock USA.  While I could do without it, the girl next to me singing EVERY word made it clear other people will dig it.

Red Sun Rising is so good you need to resist the urge to erect a statue of them.  They are so good you will feel like you need to name a street after them.  THEY ARE SO GOOD you will feel bad not introducing them to your mother in law.  During the 45 minute set, they announced after this tour they would be recording album number two.  Good news I guess.  Let’s hope it at least achieves Polyester Zeal level.  Sometimes we don’t appreciate what’s in front of us.  Sometimes we miss the forest for the trees.  BUT… every now and them we stumble across gold.  RSR is gold.

This tour is almost over but they will be back soon enough.

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