THE TREATMENT – Power Crazy (Album Review)

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A few years back, after being out of music for quite some time, I jumped back into the pool in full force. It’s like I was whole again, I didn’t realize how much music meant to me. Why I was “out of the game”, we’ll leave for another day. But, I indeed discovered that “my music” was alive and well all over the world. And new (at the time) bands such as The Treatment played a big part in my rekindled love. I was excited to discover their debut CD (This Might Hurt), exchange an email interview with then vocalist Matt Jones and also witness them live setting the stage for KISS: The Tour in 2012. I also reviewed their next two album releases and now they add the fourth effort, The TreatmentPower Crazy, to the catalog.

Hailing from Cambridge, UK, The Treatment formed in 2008, founded by drummer Dhani Mansworth when he was just 15 years old. Originally The Treatment saw Matt Jones holding the microphone, Ben Brookland and Tagore Grey ripping the dual guitars and Swoggle (also known as Rick Newman) plunking the bass. Across the albums and years, The Treatment roster underwent some adjustments. For the sophomore, Running with the Dogs, guitarist Ben Brookland stepped down, making way for newcomer Jake Pattinson. For Generation Me, we find Mitchel Emms on vocals in place of Matt Jones and Tao Grey taking over for Jake Pattinson. Now on Power Crazy, we have Tom Rampton in for Emms.

THE TREATMENT – and The Meister

Following The Treatment since the debut album and their assistance in relighting my passions for music, they are near to my heart. Have you read my interview with Matt Jones (Go See the Doctor – Interview with The Treatment’s Matt Jones)? Checked out my review of their stage setting gig for KISS/Crue: The Tour 2012 (The Tour Rocks Toronto)?

I didn’t take to the sophomore record at the time (Running With The Dogs Review). Revisiting the release prior to this article, I must say: “What the Hell was wrong with me then”?

The third outing, Generation Me fared much better (Generation Me Review). Now they deliver the amazing Power Crazy, an easy fit into the upper reaches of my Top Ten Albums of the year at this point.

But it’s not over just yet, as The Treatment are slated to appear at the Call of the Wild Festival in Lincolnshire, UK May 24-26, 2019.

THE TREATMENT – Power Crazy (Album Review)

The TreatmentPower Crazy charges out of the gates with “Let’s Get Dirty”. What a great powerhouse thumper that even sounds a little like Swedish band Bonafide! Official lyric video below. Absolutely brimming with punch and energy, “Rising Power” almost had me up out of my chair at 8:30am! Too bad this blood pumper is under three minutes long. A ZZ Top-ish groovy swagger surfaces for “On the Money”.

“Bite Back” sits in the pivotal fourth spot of Power Crazy. So far the longest composition on the album…and it’s not even three and a half minutes in length! These songs hit hard and fast and have a lot of thunder packed into the short runtimes. Check out the official lyric video below. The thirteenth track on Power Crazy is an acoustic version of “Bite Back”!

Coming in at 4:38 is the bluesy affair of “Luck of the Draw”. The video single (below) off Power Crazy is “Hang Them High”, another foot-stomper. From the melodic chorus of “Scar with Her Name” to the fist-in-the-air nearly five-minute rocker “King of the City”, Power Crazy continues delivering. The slower, plodding pace of “Waiting for the Call” doesn’t do much for me at all. But “Laying it Down” is right back into the balls-out rocking category with a great pre-chorus hook. There’s an epicness to “The Fighting Song” and some great motivational “stick to your guns” lyrics too! Things wind down with the short and thunderous “Falling Down” ahead of the aforementioned acoustic bonus version of “Bite Back”.

The TreatmentPower Crazy is another great slab of straight ahead, balls-out hard rock in the vein of AC/DC, Rhino Bucket or Rose Tattoo. The whole album plays quite well and I seriously look forward to seeing The Treatment live once again during Call of the Wild Festival. Who’s in?

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