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THE UNITY – Rise (Album Review)


The Unity - Rise

The Unity is a band created by ex-Gamma Ray members, drummer Michael Ehre and guitarist Henjo Richter. The rest of the band members are comprised of former Ehre band Love.Might.Kill. They include singer Giamba Manenti, guitarist Stef E., bassist Jogi Sweers, and keyboardist Sasha Onnen. Formed in 2016 Rise is The Unity‘s second release on SPV/Steamhammer records. Rise is comprised of 13 tracks on the regular release. The deluxe version has an additional six tracks. Three live songs from the debut, and three unreleased tracks. This review is based on the standard version I was sent.

THE UNITY – Rise (Album Review)

The sound I was expecting to hear from The Unity was heavy power metal. Instead what I heard was a mix of hard rock and melodic rock. Strong, slightly raspy vocals, great guitar tone with excellent soloing, and powerful, driving drums throughout are what The Unity‘s sound is built on.

The Unity:
Giamba Manenti, Vocals
Henjo Richter, Guitars
Stef, Guitars
Jogi Sweers, Bass
Sascha Onnen, Keyboards
Michael Ehré, Drums
Photo: Alexander Mertsch,

The album starts off with the intro song “Revenge” which sets the tone for the opening song “Last Betrayal”. This is the kind of hard rocking song you would expect to start the album. However, The Unity is at their best when they go with a more melodic sound which is exemplified in the next two songs, “You Got Me Wrong” and “The Storm”. Both of these songs sound great, but the song “The Storm”, which was also released as the first single and video, is in my top five favorite songs of the year. Sounding like it could have been on Europe‘s The Final Countdown, it is melodic gold! With its strong verses and soaring chorus, it is a song you just can’t get out of your head.

“Road to Nowhere” is next and it is epic! Clocking in at a little over seven minutes, the great guitar riffing and strong musicianship in this song make a real strong track. From here the rest of the album rests in pure melodic rock. Stand out tracks include the ballad “The Willow Tree”, “Children of the Night”, and closing track “L.I.F.E.”.

THE UNITY – Rise (Closing Words)

I liked every song on this album and would recommend it to fans of melodic rock. Overall, if every song were worth one point, I would give Rise 9 out of 13. Also check out the Decibel Geek Album Review for 2017 debut: The Unity – The Unity.

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